Lindsay Lohan Drinking Again

January 29, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Drinking Again

Lindsay Lohan “Working Drinking Through Her Problems”

…Loses Her Sugar Mama

January 29. 2008

Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon again in spite of several trips to rehab. The unemployed, uninsurable actress has been seen partying all over the place, much to the disappointment of the rehab centers that tried to get her on the path to sobriety.

She is clearly not trying and placing herself in the same dangerous environment that created her addiction in the first place. Then again, you’re in Kabbalah, they prefer it when you are drunk and high, that way they can fleece you out of what’s left of your money and use you for sex that much easier. Then there’s all the lawsuits from your terrible behavior.

Keep it up Lindsay and you’re going to pull a River Phoenix:

“Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon yet again”

The ‘Mean Girls’ star – who spent two months in rehab last year for alcohol addiction – was seen drinking vodka at New York hotspot The Box on Friday night (25.01.08) as she partied with shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, DJ Samantha Ronson and ‘The Hills’ star Brody Jenner.”

Lindsay’s Sugar Mama Moves Out

In other news, Lindsay Lohan’s older sugar mama, Yahoo heir Courtney Semel, moved out, leaving the out of work actress to pay her own bills. Is there any wonder you’re so messed up. Sex with young women, sex with older women for cash and favors, sex with industry men, sex with rehab patients and more inebriants than the law allows:

“Lindsay Lohan’s Girlfriend Moves Out”

Star Magazine reports that Courtenay Semel, Lindsay Lohan’s live in “friend”, packed up and moved out of the home they were sharing in Hollywood. She was said to be jealous of Lohan’s other female “friends.”

According to an insider, “I think it was a jealousy issue. Every time Lindsay had a girlfriend around the house, Courtenay started acting all weird. She’d go up to her bedroom and start texting Lindsay – even though they were in the same house! It was like Courtenay wanted Lindsay all to herself.”

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