Madonna Scares The Public With Her New Face

January 28, 2008
Halloween Has Come Early

January 28. 2008ย 

Dumbledore Dumblewhore:

Recently, Madonna scared photographers when she went outside with surgical scars, looking like the Mummy before it regenerated.

Yet she continues to deny having undergone plastic surgery. She is a 50 year old acting like she is 21, which is a disgrace. She even paid got a writer to print that she has the “face of a 30 year old.” I presume you mean 30 in dog years.

Surgical Scars Prominently On Display

She will never pass for 30. She can barely pass as human with all the work she’s had done creating that unnatural Joker effect on her face that I wrote about last month. What’s happening to Madonna is a process commonly referred to as aging.

Then she gets all desperate and starts stealing everybody’s music like no one has ever been on the internet and seen where she’s stolen it from. She and her label got caught in this web site’s statistics report before and after she started stealing from me.

Public reaction to her in this regard has been terrible. My site has reached millions of people. Audiences hate when artists steal, because it spells fraud. Another example of this is she keeps blatantly stealing from Goldfrapp, among others, with their fans mockingly naming her “Oldfrapp.”

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