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January 28, 2008
Bill Clinton Disrespects Jesse Jackson To Get At Obama

January 28. 2008 

Mad that his wife Hillary Clinton lost to black candidate Barack Obama in South Carolina, Bill Clinton made another racially insensitive overture:

“On on Saturday, in Columbia, pre-spinning his wife’s imminent defeat, Clinton reminded reporters out of the blue that ‘Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice, in ’84 and ’88.'”

It’s the equivalent of saying, “So what he won South Carolina, it means nothing. Another black guy won South Carolina years ago and he didn’t become president.”

Under the circumstances, especially in light of what Hillary said and you did, couldn’t you have picked a white candidate that won South Carolina and didn’t become president or win the party nomination (such as John Edwards in 2004).

Keep adding insult to injury, Bill.

“Bill Clinton, The “Bigmouth” of the South”

Shortly after Barack Obama’s landslide victory over Hillary Clinton in South Carolina Saturday, her first gentleman, Bill Clinton, has made what’s being called some dismissive comments comparing the Illinois senator’s success in South Carolina to the failed presidential run of the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

After weeks of the former president stepping up his presence in the Clinton campaign, The New York Post is calling Bill the “Bigmouth of the South.”

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