NASA Punks Scientology

January 24, 2008
 A Funny False Alarm

You Guys Can Come Out Of Your Bunkers Now – That Means You, Tom

January 24. 2008 

Mars Explorer image:

Tom Cruise: Xenu is that you?

The folks over at NASA released images from Mars that some believed to be photos of an alien on the probed planet. Numerous articles were written to that effect.

Mars Explorer to Tom Cruise: you got punked!

You know the Scientologists were screaming “It’s Xenu” and running for their bunkers (last year it was reported Tom Cruise has a bunker in his house).


Bunkers are usually for hiding just in case a bomb goes off, but the only bomb that went off was Mission Impossible 3 (underperformed at the box office).

NASA released a statement this afternoon clarifying what happened. They stated it is an image of a wind worn rock that is about two inches high (which is still taller than Tom, so he had a right to be afraid).

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