Pro-Madonna Song Kills Robbie Williams’ Career

January 22, 2008
His Unsold “Rudebox” CDs Shipped To China To Be Crushed And Used As Road Paving Material

Madonna’s So Uncool She Can Tank A Career By Association

January 22. 2008

Never mind what her paid for press articles, prearranged shout-outs and data-less, grossly inflated sales figures say, Madonna can be bad for your career. Robbie Williams found this out the hard way via a tribute song. Really, who wants to flip over a CD and see a pro-madonna song on it. Not cool.

Before Madonna, Robbie Williams was arguably the best selling popular artist in Britain and much of Europe. He released several hit CDs. Then came the stupid idea Madonna had a hand in, to write a song about how deluded great she thinks she is, whilst simultaneously taking jabs at her husband’s ex-girlfriend, model Tania Strecker.

He left this via pregnancy entrapment:

For this:

Either Guy Ritchie is gay and thought muscular Madonna was another dude or he is smoking this:

It seems the Materialess Girl was angry that her bid at trapping Guy Ritchie into marriage via pregnancy hit a major snag, when he kept sleeping with Strecker, who gave a very public interview to that effect. The interview was a source of considerable embarrassment for the singer lip-syncer.

So, after going to her place and playing the mutually agreed upon “She’s Madonna” song to, well, Madonna, whose no talent ego reveled in it, basking in all its fake, contrived, supposed glory, the track was released to the public as the third single from William’s “Rudebox” CD…and then it bombed. It reached #16 on the charts, which was a very poor showing for Williams. It’s his worst received single to date.

My song about Madonna and her disgusting ways titled Thieves received a better reception online than Robbie’s sponsored butt kiss. My song was downloaded a lot (people are still downloading it). If you’d like a free copy click here.

Rolling over the legacy of Robbie Williams

How’s this for the ultimate indignity for a singer? The Daily Mirror has discovered what will happen to more than a million unwanted copies of a “dreadful” new CD by British crooner Robbie Williams: They’re being shipped to China, crushed, and used to re-surface roads.

The 17-track CD in question, called Rudebox, came out in ’06 and sold only 500,000 copies in Britain, the paper says. (We can presume that sales elsewhere were roughly zero.) But his previous album had sold over two million. That’s why there’s such a surplus of Rudebox copies. Williams is 33. –

Story found here

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