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Name That Federal Director

January 21, 2008

Name That Federal Director

January 21. 2008

For said individual delving into people’s private lives and allowing others to as well, in violation of the Constitution and all applicable laws, which Director of a federal law enforcement agency did ALL of the following:

Cheated on his wife.

Is in love with an actress.

Spent too much money on federal items he knew to be of no use.

Has peculiar offshore holdings that Congress should take a very close look at.

Has pulled wiretaps on innocent people – and further read their medical records in violation of patients’ privacy rights.

Has planted lies about people to get his own way.

Gives to charities he thinks will return favors.

Spends too much time writing to people he doesn’t know.

Still plays with a toy he is not supposed to.

Has been given an ultimatum he doesn’t like by someone in his life.

Has been unlawfully moving around federal files people have been lawfully requesting under the Freedom Of Information Act, having agents do the dirty work for him, under the auspices of doing it for your country, when in actuality they are doing it for him and breaking scores of federal laws in the process, certain to draw Congressional charges of the worst order if found out.

Got outed a few days ago in the British press, in credible publications, for lying and obstruction of justice in another case dealing with corrupt domestic government officials selling state secrets of a nuclear nature to a foreign country.

An unimpeachable, non-Florida source in the U.S. government, thoroughly familiar with him, who is also a fan of the site, previously informed me that said Director has also “obstructed justice” in another very serious federal case and just how he did it. He made the same kind of claims about an unrelated case, before this latest incident in the British Press last week, but it betrays the same pattern of misconduct by said Director.

Story found here

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