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New Hampshire Recount

January 17, 2008
State Officials Listen To Calls For A Recount

January 16. 2008

This is a follow up to my January 12, 2008 Hacking For The Presidency article regarding the suspicious outcome of the New Hampshire primary.

It was announced today that a recount is now underway. Two candidates requested recounts and paid the fee to have it undertaken.

But I question whether or not it will get to the root of the problem. Not to mention, once computer data has been altered, hacked and corrupted, how do you recover it to reflect the true and correct result. It’s like ice that has melted into water. Trying to recover a cup of water you threw into the ocean.

Those Diebold machines are hackable. That has been established by the 2006 “Hacking Democracy” documentary. People even complained of trouble with the machines in New Hampshire as well, where the “security seal” had to be broken by Diebold technicians to repair an alleged problem, which opened up software vulnerabilities A/K/A – a backdoor to hacking. 

If the integrity of the voting system is not secure, problems can and will surface again.

Voter fraud happens all over the world. It’s not something new, but when you have an opportunity to fix said problems, one should. Don’t you want to know the will of the people in an election and who was truly elected.

A president should not pick a nation. It is the nation that should pick a president.

That goes for every country, president, prime minister or premier.

In closing, one should be very careful of trying to steal another man’s destiny, as it will turn into disgrace.

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