Eddie Wedding Not Legit

January 17, 2008
Eddie Murphy Wedding To Tracey Edmonds Not Legally Binding

…Now There’s News Of It Being Scrapped

January 16. 2008

Note: this entry was to be posted on the site yesterday, but because the page already had four items for the day, I pushed it back until today (burned to a DVD ROM and time stamped 1-15-08). I should have posted it yesterday, because what happened today is quite relevant under the circumstances.

Eddie: you think she fell for it

According to the laws in Bora Bora, one must be a resident for 30 days and marry in a state approved venue. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds did neither.

It brings to mind the story of another famous man whose woman kept wanting him to get married, when he clearly didn’t want to.

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

And so, he took her to a foreign country, where they had a “spiritual ceremony,” wore costumes indigenous to the exotic nation and rolled around on the ground, but it really wasn’t legally binding. Later, she felt like she’d been bamboozled. He never married her in a proper ceremony after.

Why do men do these things. You’re not smarter than us. We’re just as smart as you are. Not to mention, we’re prettier. While, I can’t say I feel sorry for Tracey Edmonds, as she is an educated woman that uses men for their business connections and wealth, Eddie Murphy is really starting to look very bad due to his conduct in family matters.

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