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2008 Presidential Race – The Primaries

January 17, 2008
The Primaries

January 16. 2008

On the Democrat side the best are Barack Obama and John Edwards.

While, I am not a liberal and don’t share some of his views, Barack Obama is free of the pretense a lot of politicians have. His campaign is unassuming and he is an intelligent man.

John Edwards

John Edwards, whose spending habits I’ve made fun of ($400 haircut) seems pleasant and has a good understanding of politics and the country’s history.

On the Republican side the best are Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and John McCain.

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is a Baptist minister, which I really like. He seems like a caring person. His campaign is also the most unassuming.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul‘s views on making the country better are excellent – ironically, many people, on both sides of the aisle like what he stands for. He is talking sense on several things and has some of the better ideas in the race.

John McCain

John McCain really seems to love his country – of all the candidates, you get that vibe from him the most. He was a P.O.W., which is a really horrible thing to go through and I do wonder about the effects it had on him, but God forbid something went terribly wrong with America, this dude would go down with the ship (rather than relocate to Dubai).

As for the worst – the only genuinely terrible candidate running is Hillary Clinton. While it is not up to me or anyone else to vote for you, you would do well to avoid that woman. I pray one day the truth about her will come to light.

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