Tina Brown Hearts Bill Clinton

January 16, 2008

Tina Brown Hearts Bill Clinton

January 15. 2008

Author Tina Brown, wife of Sir Harry Evans, is writing a book about Bill Clinton, who she clearly has a crush on. Tina said of the promiscuous President:

“a man in a dinner jacket with more heat than any star in the room (or, for that matter, at the multiplex) . . . His height, his sleekness, his newly cropped, iron-filing hair, and the intensity of his blue eyes project a kind of avid inclusiveness that encircles every jaded celebrity he passes. He is vividly in the present tense and dares you to join him there.”

You slept with him didn’t you.

Hillary to Bill: you slept with her, didn’t you

Hillary and Bill have a lot in common. They both like women. A few months ago I saw a list of women Clinton, Bill that is, was said to have slept with. Let’s just put it this way, the whole list of names didn’t fit on one screen, so I had to use the scroll button to read them all. Yes, the list was that long.

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