Hillary Clinton Tries To Do Damage Control

January 16, 2008
New York Times: “Clinton Receives Tepid Reception at MLK Event”

January 15. 2008

The NAACP’s Hazel Dukes to Hillary Clinton: I should cut you for what you said about brother Martin!

Hillary Clinton has been trying to do damage control regarding her inappropriate, unkind statements about Martin Luther King jr., where she basically diminished his role in history, painting an inaccurate picture that he was just a dreamer and only presidents can bring real change. And she said it just in time for his birthday, too. Great timing Hillary – not.

I didn’t like her statements last year about Obama where she referred to him as “inexperienced” and “naive.” How do you reconcile calling a grown man who has 20 years experience, “inexperienced” and “naive.” She dismissed him as though he was a foolish little boy. I didn’t check for it, as it had a certain connotation to it under the circumstances, so I wrote about it.

But now she’s put her foot in it and shown her true colors with the MLK statements. It was a backhanded attempt at taking subliminal jabs at rival Barack Obama, while elevating herself and her husband, former president Bill “Viagra” Clinton.

By the way, stop living off your husband’s time in the White House, as though it qualifies you to be president. He barely made it out of there in one piece. He was impeached. Furthermore, being married to someone is not a qualification to do their job.

You think if the wife of a surgeon came up to me and said, “Let me operate on you” I’d let her do it? I’d tell her, “Put down that knife or I am going to cut you.”

In closing, if being a dreamer means you get to become a world hero, win a Nobel Prize, have a day named in your honor and liberate an entire race of people – sign me up! Then again, with J. Edgar Hoover’s twin Robert Mueller lingering about at the FBI, it would also mean you get shot.

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