Bobby Brown Wanted On Cocaine Charges

January 15, 2008
Drugs Found In The Car Of The “King Of R&B”

January 14. 2007

R&B singer Bobby Brown is a wanted man after an altercation in a car park led to the discovery of drugs in his car. Police were called to the scene where they found what has been identified as cocaine.

Bobby is clearly having a rough time kicking the habit and one that goes back to his teens. When I heard of this latest arrest, it brought to mind singer David Ruffin of the Temptations, his battle with drugs and how sadly his story ended (his lifeless body was found on a street after an altercation with a drug dealer).

Time for rehab, Bobby. Your life is not going to work again until you get rid of the drugs.

In other Bobby legal news, he lost the opportunity to contest his divorce from singer Whitney Houston, after it went through unchallenged due to his failure to appear in court. Bobby failed to appear again. Therefore, the judge’s orders stand.

Cops no fans of Bobby Brown’s alleged drug performance

Massachusetts State Police are trying to bring a cocaine possession charge against the 38-year-old r & b singer…

Apparently, the Staties came to the aid of Brockton police on Dec. 1, when they were called to quell a fight at the local Holiday Inn shortly after midnight, according to Trooper Eric Benson.

He said the officers were directed to a 2004 Lincoln Navigator, where Brown, who lists his residence as Encino, Calif., was sitting in the front seat. Benson said police are seeking to charge Brown with a single count of possession of a Class B substance, which the court papers identify as cocaine.

Brown Cannot Overturn Houston Divorce Terms After Court No-Show

Bobby Brown has jeopardized his attempt to challenge the terms of his divorce from Whitney Houston after he failed to show up in court on Friday…

As a result of his no-show, Silbar has refused a request from Brown to appeal for spousal support and shared custody of their 14-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina…

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