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January 13, 2008

Credible Outlets Are Alleging Hillary Stole New Hampshire Via Commissioned Hacking

Newspaper: “Computer hackers ‘may be behind Hillary Clinton’s shock new Hampshire victory'”

January 12. 2008

Is someone this desperate to win. Has someone lost their moral compass so. What am I saying, just looking at Hillary’s track record shows she never had it.

Many outlets are asking did Hillary Clinton hack her way to a New Hampshire win. Here’s why. Hand counted votes, meaning physical votes on paper, showed Obama won in New Hampshire. However, votes counted by computer, which is hackable, mysteriously showed Hillary Clinton winning New Hampshire. A few of the articles on this scandal are cited below.

Back on August 15, 2007 in my “Hillary Clinton Slams Barack Obama” article I wrote about Hillary’s affiliation with a dirty private investigator that also specialized in hacking.

As a matter of fact, today when I Googled the words “Hillary Clinton” and “hackers” for info on this new scandal, my site article from months ago came up in addition to the items just written about over the past two days on this subject.

Anthony Pellicano Had 4 Hackers On Staff In His West Hollywood Office That Was Raided By The FBI

It is established fact that Hillary Clinton was a client of the now incarcerated Anthony Pellicano. She hired him regarding the Paula Jones scandal and the Jennifer Flowers one as well. Both women reported invasive Anthony Pellicano style harassment being leveled at them.

While, Anthony Pellicano was arrested for illegal wiretapping, witness intimidation and identity theft, among other things, he was known to have 4 hackers on staff.

One of his hackers destroyed the hard drive of Los Angeles Times writer Anita Busch. His hacker began hacking her computer when she started writing unflattering stories about Pellicano’s Hollywood clients.

Anita Busch

The hacker was even stupid enough to hack her computers and get advance copies of her work, forwarding it to Pellicano’s rich and famous clients.

One of his hackers even did an article with Maxim magazine bragging how she could hack and get your bank pin codes in minutes. People who hack bank info aren’t above hacking voter systems.

There’s even a documentary on it and it’s about the very type of machines (Diebold) that gave Hillary her New Hampshire victory, over Obama’s win via hand count.

“Hacking Democracy” documentary

Pellicano paid them to hack into the computers of writers, journalists and entertainers for his perverted, nosy clients in Hollywood that paid large sums to get dirt on people or to copy and steal computer based intellectual property.

I know this stuff happens. I myself have personally experienced what commissioned hackers do, from hacking into computers, posting defamatory items on message boards and blogs, hackings web sites and the servers they sit on, disrupting many businesses – and if paid by a person desperate enough – hacking voting systems.

There is usually an intermediary when the person is rich and or famous. A person that communicates with the hacker(s) on behalf of the client and provides payment. That person is sometimes a private investigator or a manager.

The hacker hacks the info then passes it on to an intermediary via the internet or by mail, then it is sent to the person that commissioned it and provided payment to the intermediary. In the case of hacking to do damage to a system or changing/rigging computer data, nothing needs to be passed other than payment.

While Pellicano is in prison, his hackers are not and there are others carrying on the invasive, illegal techniques he pioneered. There are other private investigators and hackers engaging in the same illegal activity he did on behalf of clients in Hollywood, New York and Washington.

These dirty private investigators and hackers are operating out of California, Florida, New York, Nevada and London.

This Hillary matter needs to be investigated because the last thing this country needs is people saying someone stole the election…again. This time through hacking. People don’t need to feel like their vote is not going to count.

And the last time I checked, 1 + 1 = 2, it didn’t equal 4. Voters don’t need to feel disenfranchised. It’s part of the reason I didn’t vote in the 2000 election. I got ready and was about to leave the house to go vote and saw on the news that there were significant voting problems at polls in Florida. I thought to myself, what’s the sense (I did vote in 2004 and 2006, though).

Once again, this is what I hate about politics, corruption and sometimes not really knowing where one stands until there is some scandal.


The Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html

Computer hackers ‘may be behind Hillary Clinton’s shock new Hampshire victory’

Clinton’s win shocked all the pollsters – were they so far off base after all? Computer hackers may have been behind Hillary Clinton’s dramatic win in the New Hampshire primary, it was claimed yesterday. One of her rivals in the race to be Democratic Party candidate in November’s presidential election is demanding a recount.

Mrs Clinton’s victory in Tuesday’s primary – one of a series of votes by individual states to pick each party’s candidate – confounded the polls and revived her campaign.

Dennis Kucinich, an outsider in the battle for the Democratic nomination, cited “serious and credible reports, allegations and rumours” about the integrity of the surprise result.

Op Ed News: http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_sdrobny_080110_votergate_redux_2008.htm

Computer hackers can infiltrate any computer system from remote locations all over the world. They are hacking into all the credit card companies and retail online sites. That is why identity theft is so rampant. Imagine how simple it would be for Diebold and the other voter machine companies to change the results. They service the equipment. It would be easy for anyone to program the total votes to skew in favor of one candidate. And they can do it without changing the votes for the one they want to lose. Keeping the loser at the number that the exit polls show gives a false impression that the winner did not get any help. All they have to do is shift some of the results from the low % candidates to the winner to reconcile with the total vote. Perhaps that is why Ron Paul did not show up in the results even though the exit polls had him getting some votes in one precinct.

Press Cue: http://presscue.com/node/38034

Diebold favors Hillary, hand count for Obama

Wed, 01/09/2008 – 05:46 – clark – I used the Comma delimited database: NH municipalities hand count vs use Diebold machines from BlackBoxVoting.org to see if there was a deviation between the results from precincts which used hand counts and those which relied on Diebold machines. The results were astonishing. :

Updated: 5:05 AM (EST) – Results tallied for 209 out of 236 of the municipalities.

By Percentage


Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Diebold Machines



Hand Count



By Votes


Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Diebold Machines



Hand Count



By Number of Municipalities Won


Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Diebold Machines



Hand Count



About 81% of the votes will be “counted” by the Diebold machines.

Story found here

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