Bert Fields Lost In Court

January 12, 2008
FBI Probe Subject Bert Fields Loses Copyright Case

 January 11. 2008

“The names cited in an indictment of private eye Anthony Pellicano read like a road map leading to Bertram Fields and his famous clients.” – Robert W. Welkos, L.A. Times, Photo: Al Seib

Madonna’s attorney Bert Fields, no relation to Mrs. Fields, who is the subject of an FBI probe into illegal wiretapping, in conjunction with that of their incarcerated private eye, Anthony Pellicano, lost a round AGAIN in court having to do with a copyright infringement case. The lawsuit is regarding the film “Sahara” starring Matthew McConaghuey. 

Previously, the judge ordered Fields’ client, Clive Cussler, to pay $5 million dollars to Crusader Entertainment. This week, judge John P. Shook, denied a motion that was attached to Bert Fields’ amended complaint, which was an attempt to block payment of said sum (article link).

Fields’ influence with the courts is clearly waning. Hmm I wonder why. What oh what could it be that’s changed.

But look at the bright side. You are an 80 year old, stressed out, cantankerous, overworked, press mouthpiece for trouble prone stars – you could kick the bucket before the FBI gets a chance to lock you up.

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