Brad Grey’s Wife Files For Divorce

January 11, 2008
Well, There Goes Half Your Stuff

January 10. 2008

Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey, who is apart of the Anthony Pellicano illegal wiretapping and racketeering scandal, for having employed the now disgraced and locked up private investigator to spy on others, was handed divorce papers by his wife of 25 years, Jill.

I have to wonder if she found out just how invasive her husband is…or if she found out something else. Time will tell.

P.S. – Jill, you may want to make your important calls from a payphone, lest private things you say and do start getting thrown back in your face, verbatim, as a threat, via the harassment technique pioneered by your husband’s favorite private investigator. Just ask the other wiretapped wives like tennis player Lisa Bonder Kerkorian…and actress Nicole Kidman (the FBI found separate evidence in the Anthony Pellicano case of the latter two women being illegally wiretapped).

Recently, Brad Grey’s VP Pam Abdy got caught on a FBI wiretap talking to her married Mafioso boyfriend about whose industry is worse.

For a movie studio CEO, you sure move in a lot of circles with criminals. That’s three people the public knows of that are connected to you that have ended up with their names in serious federal investigations. Not to mention you were questioned by the FBI as well.

I mention this for a number of reasons, one of them being, I am astounded that someone that is supposed to be about the business of making films, is entangled in such federal cases. It gives a certain impression.

Wife of Paramount boss Brad Grey files for divorce

LOS ANGELESโ€”The wife of Paramount Pictures boss Brad Grey has filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage. Jill Grey’s filing Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court was obtained by She and husband Brad Grey have an 18-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter.

Brad Grey is chairman and chief executive of Paramount Pictures.

He has been questioned by the FBI and testified before a grand jury in the case against Anthony Pellicano, the private eye accused of wiretapping celebrities and others to dig up dirt to help clients in legal disputes.

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