The Clintons And Sex

January 7, 2008

The Clintons And Sex

…And The Lengths They Go To To Get It

January 7. 2008

The Fords To Clinton: Keep It Zipped!

Former President Ford and his wife Betty, founder of the Betty Ford Clinic, noticed many years ago, before it became public knowledge, that Bill Clinton is a sex addict.

In the 2007 released book, “Write It When I’m Gone: Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford” former President Ford is quoted as having said of Bill Clinton, “He’s sick – he’s got an addiction. He needs treatment.”

Former First Lady Betty Ford also remarked, β€œYou know, there’s treatment for that kind of addiction. A lot of men have gone through the treatment with a lot of success. But he won’t do it, because he’s in denial.”

Hillary: “I’m Only Human

Many outlets are alleging a lesbian affair between married presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and her pretty aide, Huma Abedin, who grew up in Saudi Arabia with her father being a Muslim scholar there.

Does Hillary have jungle fever…and is she robbing the cradle as well. Boy, this would bring a whole new meaning to the Congressional term “body person” (shaking my head).

Note to Huma: you need to give your girl Hillary some face cream. John Edwards shouldn’t be the prettiest thing running on the Democratic side.

Huma has accompanied Hillary on almost all her trips, save two, even more than Bill. She even went with Hillary and Bill on vacation to the Caribbean.

Pictured above is a snapshot of Hillary’s travel noting Huma accompanied her on 38 of 40 trips.

Pictured above is Hillary Clinton with Huma walking behind her. Is that Ellen to the right. Why yes it is. No, this picture doesn’t look gay at all. By the way, Hillary, Ellen said stop text messaging her so much.

A few savvy sites pointed out that Hillary’s alleged girlfriend’s lifestyle and wardrobe far exceeds her income as a government aide. Jimmy Choos on a budget, I think not.

Based on her published income as a government staffer, the Free Republic web site deduced that she really could not afford or qualify for a mortgage for the apartment she bought, “in the vicinity of 12th and U streets in Washington, D.C.” or the costly clothes she wears.

Huma wears expensive designer clothes. It was said, “her favorite designers are Mr. de la Renta, Catherine Malandrino, Charles Nolan and Prada. ‘And she has a weakness for Marc Jacobs bags. She is known for her bags. Robert Barnett, the Clintons’ longtime attorney, said that in 11 years of knowing her, he has never seen her wear the same outfit twice.”


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