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Lindsay Lohan And Eddie Murphy Voted The Best Of The Worst

January 3, 2008
Yes, Really, Their Movies Were That Bad

January 3. 2008

Lindsay busted drinking again

Actress Lindsay Lohan and actor Eddie Murphy have been voted the worst entertainers of 2007 in an online poll. It really wasn’t a good year for either of them personally or professionally and it couldn’t have happened to two nicer people.

Eddie with his nasty paternity battle that turned sour because of him and Lindsay breaking up marriages, breaking up engagements, overdosing, crashing cars, crashing cars some more while re-landscaping roads in Hollywood and running over “the black kid’s” foot.

Lindsay has been on a winning streak of late, single-handedly making out with three men, then sleeping with one of them, all in a day in Italy like any irresponsible trollop would do if she wants to give the CDC more work to do, then fell off the wagon, guzzling champagne straight from the bottle…and accidentally getting photographed in the process.

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – As if 2007 could get any worse for Lindsay Lohan, now this: Moviegoers tagged her with the year’s worst performance by an actress.

Fifty-eight percent of voters in an online poll by AOL’s Web site Moviefone gave Lohan that dubious honor for her turn as a woman escaping a sadistic killer in the box-office flop, “I Know Who Killed Me.”

The poll, which tallied more than 3.8 million votes, had more bad news for the starlet, who recently spent a brief stint in jail for drunken driving and cocaine possession and also attended voluntary rehab.

Another of Lohan’s films, “Georgia Rule,” finished second among voters for biggest waste of $10 spent on a movie ticket.

The No. 1 biggest waste? “Norbit,” a slapstick comedy starring Eddie Murphy, whose performance in the movie was the runaway pick for worst by an actor.” – http://today.reuters.com

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