Eddie Murphy Marries Again

January 3, 2008
But Still Hasn’t Found The Time To See His Baby

January 3. 2008

Actor Eddie Murphy, 45, married singer Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds, 40, in a private ceremony in beautiful Bora Bora.

It was an elaborate, well planned wedding, but amazingly he still hasn’t taken the time to plan a visit with his toddler, Angel Iris, who was at the center of an acrimonious paternity battle last year. So much for priorities, then. I don’t understand why you’re behaving that way towards a child, especially one that is yours.

Well done, Tracey. You’ve really raised the gold digging stakes. First literally chasing Babyface while he was still married to a woman in Georgia, then marrying him, then moving him out of Atlanta, where he was most creative, relocating him to Holmby Hills (Beverly Hills), where his career basically faded.

Clearly, Atlanta wasn’t glamorous enough for you (I don’t know why, Phipps Plaza is there and you could shop all day), which is too bad, because it was good for his career. It’s where he had his greatest successes.

I look forward to seeing what you will do to divorcee Eddie Murphy – “Pluto Nash 2” or “Norbit 2” anyone.

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