The Nativity Story

January 1, 2008

Title: The Nativity Story

Year Of Release: 2006

Review Date: December 31, 2007

Rating: PG

Running Time: 101 minutes

Box Office Gross: $46,249,321

Recommendation: A somewhat unusual look at the relationship between Mary and Joseph.

The Nativity Story presented a different take on the relationship between Mary the mother of Jesus and Joseph, her husband. It showed their struggles in an intolerant and sometimes sacrilegious society that didn’t realize the role they would play in world history.

While some of the movie was good, parts of it could have been done differently, as it added an almost strange angle to the characters.

For instance, the scene that is a dream sequence showing Joseph joining a mob that wanted to stone Mary. I didn’t like that part of the movie. Why must Hollywood take stories on such twists and turns.

Some of the scenes really didn’t bring home their true story like it could have, but it was still an entertaining film with good points.

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