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Alexandra Paressant’s Story Scrutinized

December 29, 2007
More Holes Than Swiss Cheese

December 28. 2007

Model Alexandra Paressant’s infidelity claims against San Antonio Spur basketball player Tony Parker is going up in smoke. Last week I commented on “the holes in her story” asking whether or not “she and X17 could fill them in.”

Well, it looks like someone else is filling in those holes this week and not in a way that is helpful to Paressant or X17. Huffington Post and People magazine writer Dana Kennedy has been shooting more holes in her story than a rapper in a drive by.

Parker, once again, denies even meeting her, though she is alleging an adulterous sexual relationship with him. While I’m no authority on sex, aren’t you supposed to be in the same room for it to happen.

Among the highlights listed in the exposé Kennedy alleges the following:

1. Paressant used other models photos for her MySpace page. This I believe. In searching for photos to accompany the articles I wrote about the Paressant scandal, from pic to pic her eyes and facial bone structure looked different. Models are often chameleons, but it’s hard to change the shape of your eyes, forehead and jaw line from pic to pic, as those usually remain constant.

Side bar: she has a fan page on MySpace that didn’t look very new – who created that?

2. Paressant allegedly conned famous model Hana Nitsche into doing a video about “Tony Parker” in which she told her to say he is “a wonderful lover.” I wrote about that a couple weeks ago and commented on how “spacey” she looked in that video, comparing her to Jessica Simpson. It just looked like bad acting. It was odd.

Turns out Paressant told Nitsche the video was an audition for a film and fed her the lines to say. That’s scary that someone would go that far.

3. Paressant pasted pics together of herself with photos of Ronaldinho and digitally altered them to make it appear they were a couple, then flooded message boards with items about them dating. She then went on to tell the press that she kept him up having sex and playing video games and it led to him playing poorly and Brazil losing the World Cup.

For the rest of Kennedy’s exposé visit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-kennedy

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