Things Get Pretty Ugly For Pretty Ricky

December 21, 2007
Miami Quartet Pretty Ricky Loses Lead Singer To Solo Effort…And Abuse Allegations

December 20. 2007

Capping off Warner Bros’ terrible year that’s seen its stock plummet like Tony Romo with Jessica Simpson in the stands, comes news that Miami quartet Pretty Ricky, comprised of four brothers, lost its lead member due to said singer going solo…and suing the group for withheld royalties and physical intimidation.

While I couldn’t care less about what happens to Warner Bros, you guys are brothers all 500 of you and shouldn’t fight each other like that. The entertainment industry has a terrible way of tearing families apart.

Side bar: Several months ago I bought sheets in that exact same color and material…but it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The pillows kept sliding out from under my head. It was like sleeping on a bar of soap. So, imagine what I thought when I saw this photo of Pretty Ricky recently – watch them slide off the stage in those outfits.

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