Model Tells All About Alleged Affair

December 15, 2007

6 Months After Marriage Basketball Player Tony Parker Is Being Accused Of Infidelity

December 14. 2007

Alexandra Paressant

A pretty French model, Alexandra Paressant, 26 has publicly accused basketball player Tony Parker, 25, husband of actress Eva Longoria, 32, of cheating on his wife with her. She said she was at his wedding and Parker allegedly winked at her and they began sleeping together not long after.

The model made the sensational claims to photo agency X17. While X17 isn’t exactly a beacon of integrity in journalism, many believe the model’s claims.

Alexandra Paressant

Some have written her off as a fraud (TMZero), because she was sued in 2006 by her alleged former sex partner, soccer player Ronaldinho, for telling the Brazilian public they lost the World Cup because he kept staying up late at night with her having sex and playing video games in their hotel room. She destroyed his image in his country.


Talk about a terrible press quote. This chick maybe telling the truth, maybe she’s not, but one thing’s for sure, she’s got a big mouth.

Tony Parker did not deny the allegations, his wife and publicist did. All he said was he loves his wife. Then again his first language is French, and maybe he doesn’t know how to say the following in English, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” You teach him how to say it, Bubba (Bill Clinton).

Tony Parker And Eva Longoria

I am not going to write this could not have possibly happened, as in Hollywood infidelity is more common than fidelity. But having written that, I will say she seems a little spacey in those X17 videos calling Parker a “wonderful lover” then looking vacantly into space, as though she has the intelligence quota of Jessica Simpson.

Eva Longoria

The vile low blows she listed in detailing his wife’s alleged shortcomings in bed is also quite juvenile. Women who think there is power in that kid themselves. Just because you allege you do things his wife won’t do, doesn’t mean he will leave her for you.

I’ve seen many marriages in the entertainment industry come and go – from reggae to R&B to pop stars. Men that cheated on singers, actresses, models and centerfolds. Men that cheated with singers, actresses, models and centerfolds…and still didn’t marry them.

If a man loves you, he will marry you, regardless of what you will or won’t do. If he doesn’t love you, he won’t marry you…(well, unless it’s a shotgun wedding).

This case and its snide remarks reminds me of the Rebecca Loos incident regarding David Beckham and separately, a mistress of Eric Benet’s telling all while he was married to Halle Berry.

Certain women like telling all and disparaging the wives in attempts at upsetting them. It’s not unique to any country or race. Hey, you’ve got tramps in every country.

However, I don’t understand women that seek to destroy the marriages of other women that didn’t do anything to them. It’s mean on every level and very cruel.

The man didn’t rape you, there was no crime committed, so why come forward and say all this when you know he is married. What are you hoping to accomplish.

In this case the question is, can and will the Parkers sue. Is there enough credible evidence to show she is telling the truth or engaging in massive defamation and slander.

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