Madonna Sues Condo Building

December 13, 2007

Madonna Sues Condo Building

…When She Should Sue Her Surgeon

Condom Condo Owners, Like The Rest Of The Public, Tired Of Madonna

Daily Mail pics show under eye surgery bruising

According to publicity seeking, placed articles in the press, Madonna is suing the New York condo building she stalks from lives in, for not allowing her to buy a neighboring unit to expand her current abode.

Just let her do it – if it will keep her in that condo and away from stalking younger singers and actresses like Billie Piper, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and others, in the name of Kabbalah and recapturing her youth, so be it.

Besides, she needs the extra room to store her Botox injections that give her face that Madame Toussad look year round. She’s overdone it with the Botox. She looks cryogenically frozen at this point.

Speaking of that…why does she always look like she’s just been tazered. The people in that crazy cult all have that insane look – demented eyes and a crazy smirk, like they just got EST (electro shock therapy).

She keeps publicly denying the plastic surgery like that scary look she is sporting is natural. She’s had a lot of work done. Madonna has been cut more times than a gang member.

I logged onto an entertainment news site only to be startled by one of her recent pictures they posted on the front page. It’s obvious she’s had her eyes, mouth, nose and cheeks done, yet she is trying to play it off like nothing happened.

She’s walking around with the fakest looking cheeks, like the plastic surgeon left the sponges in them, yet is trying to deny she had any work done.

What? is it the bee stung look for cheeks? Did a bee sting you? Well, clearly it was a bee with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and because he stung you on the left cheek he had to sting you on the right one too.

She’s got that full on tiger effect going. I’m not against plastic surgery, but I am against silly stars lying about it, putting pressure on women everywhere for not aging as they do.

50 year old women looking at Madonna and Demi Moore, who both symbolize the epitome of mid-life fakeness in Hollywood, not realizing they’ve had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work done. Never mind they are telling you it’s due to genetics and because they take care of themselves…and their plastic surgeons.

I am against bad plastic surgery as well. The kind that leaves women scarred or looking unnatural. It is better to have wrinkles and cellulite than to have that happen. The best kind of surgery is the kind people don’t realize you’ve had.

The best remedy for growing older is to do it with dignity. Sometimes I look at certain stars and I am horrified at their conduct. God grants me life and I reach 50, I would hope I’d have the good sense to focus on my faith and family, not go around acting like a teenager, not date someone half my age and not have my face pulled back into the next time zone.

There is a beauty to aging with dignity that many Hollywood stars just don’t get. They try to squeeze into genres and circles they don’t belong anymore.

Not content with having had their time in the spotlight during their youth, they desperately and lecherously try to take the next generation’s time as well. Even if it means embarrassing themselves and destroying younger stars with bad advice and vampire-like leeching in the process.

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