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Anna Nicole Smith’s Son Overdosed

December 11, 2007

Several Prescription Drugs Found In His System

December 11. 2007

A Bahamian doctor has ruled that a combination of the drugs methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro led to the accidental overdose of Daniel Smith, son of the late model Anna Nicole Smith.

People often forget or just don’t know that it is risky taking too many drugs at once, even prescription and over the counter medicine. It has led to the accidental deaths of many. Drinking while on medication is also very dangerous.

“On the third day of an inquest into Smith’s death, Raju said the young man had five other drugs in his system β€” including two that medical personnel used in an attempt to revive him after he collapsed while visiting his celebrity mother at a Nassau hospital.

The former Playboy playmate herself collapsed and died Feb. 8 in Florida from an overdose of drugs.” http://news.yahoo.com

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