Usher’s Wife Says Black Women Hate Her

December 8, 2007

Uh, Girlfriend Can Read Minds (Kidding)

December 7. 2007

Usher’s, I can’t even say it, w…w…wolf…wife, Tameka Foster, has slammed fellow black women saying we don’t like her because she is dark skinned, not 25 and not a size 2. It sounds like you are the one with the issues, Tameka.

First off, all that is pure rubbish. People did not take to you for the simple reason it was being said in the industry and then in the press that you were antagonizing Usher’s mother and even worse, you left your husband, who you have young children with, for Usher. People didn’t like that.

You wanted Usher and you broke up your family to get him. Now you’ve got him…and a whole lot of bad publicity with it. The public generally doesn’t applaud a story like that, regardless of whether or not the person is black, white or Hispanic, so stop trying to spin it. You went after Usher like a wolf.

I ask, if someone broke up your marriage to Usher, would you want the public rooting for her assuming that it would be a her.

Paulette and Denzel Washington

To prove what you said is ridiculous, I’ll cite a few examples. Many women in the world have stated that actor Denzel Washington is a handsome man. His wife is a beautiful dark skinned woman in her 40’s and they make a great looking couple. People root for them and they are well liked.

People didn’t root for you because they don’t respect your conduct as mentioned above.

Another example – the glamorous Angelina Jolie, while in her 20’s, started dating Brad Pitt, 11 years her senior. Only thing is, he was married to actress Jennifer Aniston first. People screamed home wrecker at model-esque Jolie when it happened. While some people are rooting for them, a lot of people are not, siding with Aniston.

And the moral of the story is I am right and you are wrong quit your whining. And one more thing, how are you going to play the race card on your own race…

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