Dora The Explorer

December 2, 2007

My friend’s 2 year old daughter loves the animated character Dora The Explorer. My mom got her some Dora yogurt the other day and she, who could barely speak, lit up and ate food she normally wouldn’t. I thought, you little sucker, they just conned you into eating yogurt (teasing).

Recently, in trying to find her a Dora gift for Christmas, I was stunned to see how many products the little Latina has. Dora was on dolls, books, DVDs, bags, frozen vegetables, yogurt and ice cream. She’s the highest paid Latina in Hollywood, not Jennifer Lopez (teasing)

Dora: hey J-Lo check out my bling:

Dora: What? I’m being audited by the IRS on an anonymous tip:

J-Lo: (whistling)

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