Burkle Blames Ovitz For Pellicano Invasion Of Privacy

December 2, 2007

Grocery Store Mogul Ron Burkle

Grocery magnate, billionaire Ron Burkle, slammed disgraced former Hollywood CEO, Michael Ovtiz, accusing him of hiring the now incarcerated, Anthony Pellicano, to illegally spy on him via wiretaps and other unsavory conduct. The pattern of invasion of privacy and harassment Burkle complains of, fits that of Pellicano’s numerous victims.

“Michael hired Anthony Pellicano to come out and tap my phones and provide other illegal activity, which I think is repulsive and, I think, it speaks to his character,” Burkle said in a deposition.” – Bloomberg

In other Anthony Pellicano news, the disgraced PI is whining from prison that the Feds violated his 6th Amendment rights. Oh, put a cork in it, already. You worry about protecting your major orifices in jail and let everybody else be the judge of whose rights got violated, Mr. I wiretap, hack, threaten and stalk people when I’m not breaking into their homes Watergate style.

All of a sudden Pellicano cares about human rights. It’s so hypocritical coming from this man. He violated most of the U.S. Code and Constitution at innocent people’s expense, yet he is complaining about rights violations.

He allegedly wiretapped, hacked and destroyed hard drives, stalked, committed identity theft as harassment and threatened many people. He did this repeatedly on behalf of stars in Hollywood and allegedly a certain 2008 Presidential Candidate with connections to celebrities that wanted to know things about opponents, business partners, spouses in divorces and potentially lucrative new companies they wished to defraud out of their assets.

This man is alleged to have threatened a woman and her disabled child, to persuade her not to pursue legal action against one of his dirty clients.

This man is alleged to have sent people their live children’s death certificates with notes stating he knows where they go to school.

He allegedly harassed and terrorized one woman so badly in Los Angeles on behalf of a Hollywood degenerate, terrifying her to such degrees that she flew all the way to Israel to phone and report it to the FBI in America, as Pellicano was said to have bugged her phone and property, watching her every move, as he has done to others.

This is the type of psychopath we’re dealing with. It takes a sick mind to do these things. Yet stars in Hollywood, some of whom have been indicted, with more to follow, knew and kept lining up to pay this man to engage in this very illegal conduct.

Because in Hollywood they are long on money and short on brains. Under the law, if you commission a crime, you may as well have done it by the time it gets through criminal court.

As far as I am concerned, as someone who has seen your tactics up close, they need to lock you away and throw away the key, as you are a psychopathic public menace that cannot be trusted with any form of freedom.

And the stars that knowingly paid you are just as disgusting and contemptible as you are. You Hollywood degenerates that paid this man need a dose of your own medicine via a government probe. Criminals are subjected to this, so why not you, as you have broken the law:

You need to be wiretapped via judicial order with your business and that of your family ending up in transcripts, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to be followed around and watched like a house pet, by government employees, to see exactly what you get up to, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to be threatened and barked at, but by government employees questioning you to ascertain just how much you knew and when, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to have your computers hacked, hard drives copied, bank accounts scanned, medical records accessed and prescriptions photocopied, but by government employees, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You deserve some old fashioned justice in legally being subjected to the same treatment you dished out, but at the hands of the authorities, in action other criminals have had to face in government sanctioned investigative probes.


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