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“Out Of Balance: Exxon Mobil”

November 30, 2007

Thursday the 29th of November, 2007

Title: “Out Of Balance: Exxon Mobil”

Year Of Release: 2006

Review Date: November 29, 2007

Rating: PG

Running time: 180 minutes

Box Office Gross: N/A

Recommendation: An interesting documentary on the environmental dangers oil companies present.

The documentary “Out Of Balance: Exxon Mobil” provided an informative and disturbing look at the reach of the Exxon Mobil corporation.

The film branded Exxon, “The largest company in the world” and discussed the influence they have on world governments.

It also focused on the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the worst in history, that wreaked havoc on the environment. It additionally details the promises Exxon made in the aftermath of the oil spill, regarding cleaning up the environment, that they failed to fully deliver on.

The part of the film I find most disturbing is the claim they purchased local newspapers in the area of the oil spill to ensure favorable press coverage of their company, effectively squashing the unflattering stories that began coming out.


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