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Thomas Weeks Does Explosive Press Conference About Juanita Bynum

November 26, 2007

Allegations Of Bynum Choking And Hitting Him, Being Broke And Asking Him To Marry Her

November 26. 2007

Bynum v. Weeks is turning into a real soap opera of global proportions ala War Of The Roses. Juanita has been telling her side of the story via interviews, though Weeks says in violation of a gag order. So, now it’s his turn to tell his side of the story.

In a video posted on Media Take Out, Bishop Weeks accuses his wife of a litany of unbecoming conduct that led them to that parking lot, where he is alleged to have beaten, stomped, choked and kicked her. He is denying the allegations.

Thomas Weeks

In the interest of being fair, I am going to write what each party claims happened, so it can be a balanced look at the case. I will form my own opinion and you can do the same.

But before I start, I have to say, it is really sad that the two of them have come to this. But you’re the ones going through it, so who am I to judge.


Thomas Weeks states in the video press conference above:

Juanita asked him to marry her (editorial note: respectfully, in Christian circles, this is generally not advised)

After the leaving the registrar’s office in Las Vegas, she said to him when asked how she felt as they left the courthouse, “I feel stuck,” prompting him to consider an annulment.

Juanita gave herself those bruises.

Juanita went to a gossip site (TMZ) with the news before calling the police.

The valet tried to beat him up in the Atlanta parking lot that was the scene of the altercation.

The valet lied to the police in the report.

She once choked him in a limo in the presence of a witness.

She threw orange juice in his face in the presence of witnesses while they were on vacation.

She attacked him in the lobby of a hotel in the presence of witnesses.

She lied about who paid the taxes on her Waycross property. He states it is not her, as she claims, but a Texas church.

She’s been broke during their 5 year marriage at different times.

She invests her money unwisely.

He’s had to lend her money.

He did not get evicted from the 2.5 million dollar home he leased.

He does not want her money.

She is jealous of him.

Juanita Bynum has accused him of:

Photo of bruises courtesy of TMZero

beating, stomping and choking her.

pushing her at different times during their marriage.

being verbally abusive.

Here’s my two cents though no one asked for it. It’s not for me to decide whether she was attacked or not. That’s the court’s job at this point and here’s hoping the judiciary gets it right, because, as many of us know, sometimes they get it wrong big time.

At this point, I think they need a more productive way to clear the air. All this stuff is coming out from both sides and none of it is pretty. While I am not for suppressing the truth, this has gotten ugly, especially what he is saying.

However, I don’t believe their marriage was in God’s plan for either of them. There are reports that Thomas Weeks was married to another woman and had a child with her, then out of nowhere, divorced his former wife and married Juanita.

Juanita and Thomas’s wedding

Unless his former wife had committed adultery, Weeks had no Bible based grounds for divorce. Getting into a marriage under those spiritual conditions is not conducive to God’s blessing being over the union.

People can get mad if they want, I’m just telling you what the Bible says. You get into a marriage under those spiritual circumstances and you will have unexplained problems, above and beyond the standard squabbles associated with being married. God loves you, God can forgive you, but He also chastens, as the Bible says.

That’s the weird thing about being in love in certain circumstances. You know the person isn’t right for you, but you believe you love them based on your emotions, and forge into something that leads to disaster.

I say the following in general, not about any specific relationship:

For women: you can see the guy has a wandering eye, a bad temper, spends a lot on clothes maxing out his cards, wants you to do things you’re not comfortable with, but because of how you feel, your emotions, you look pass all that, and go ahead with a union that ends badly.

For men: you can see the woman has a volatile temper, is a spendthrift, wants you to spend more than you are comfortable with taking on in terms of debt, but to keep them happy, you do it anyway.

At the end of the day we are all human. Most of us want to truly be in love and be with the person we love, or at least think we love. And because of that, some become vulnerable to things we wouldn’t otherwise want or tolerate, in order to make that person happy. It can be a real dilemma. But if you think with your emotions when there are terrible warning signs, it could lead to massive heartbreak and trouble.

I wish them both well and pray God will get them back on the right path that He wants them to be on.

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