British Newspapers: Hillary Has A Girlfriend…Literally

November 26, 2007

Better Watch Out Before Bill Steals Her From You

November 26. 2007

Hillary’s Intern?

Hillary Clinton, a married 2008 presidential election candidate, is being accused of robbing the cradle via having a 30 year old girlfriend. What would Bill say!

As someone who has repeatedly called Hillary a lesbian the candidate’s sexuality into question, based on a really big book that was published about Hillary’s college years and her alleged same sex relationships, this news comes as a shock not.

Accusation highlighted in blue, “Hillary Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Huma Abedin.” Pic clip courtesy of Drudge Report.

I too may have called Hillary a lesbian here and maybe here and then there was that other time here. But today’s news is shocking (smirk).

It’s wonderful to know my forefathers fought and bled for Britain, so today, the British press could write stories like this (no, seriously, thanks, cause I don’t want her to win, she’s the worst candidate running).

Is Hillary wearing a mullet. You can’t be president and wear a mullet. That’s illegal:

No wonder Hillary opposed Obama’s expressed wish that he, if elected, would sensibly engage in talks with countries the U.S. government has shunned, such as Iran.

Iran is in the Middle East and Hillary’s girlfriend looks Middle Eastern. No wonder Hillary wouldn’t go over there. Mahmoud of Iran came here and said they don’t have any gays anymore, I wonder what he did with them.

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