Jessica Seinfeld: Deceptively Deceitful

November 22, 2007

Jessica Seinfeld Is A Plagiarist…But Don’t Tell Her Husband

November 21. 2007

Jessica Seinfeld has been branded a plagiarist for allegedly (I have to use that word – it’s a legal technicality) ripping off a preexisting copyrighted book titled “The Sneaky Chef” by author Missy Chase Lapine, for her later released book “Deceptively Delicious.” But it turns out Jessica is Deceptively Deceitful.

Jessica Seinfeld ripped off a baby expert, Missy Chase Lapine, who was the publisher of Eating Well magazine and the “founder of a natural baby bath line BabySpa.” Guess which one I believe – here’s a hint, it’s not Seinfeld.

The “Sneaky Chef” author Missy Chase Lapine

Not only did she come across as callow and inexperienced when she tried to pitch her “Deceptively Delicious” book on television, what she was pushing did not reconcile with her as a person. The whole thing seemed above her head and a little too advanced for her. Great idea, but it just didn’t match.

The rip off by Jessica was published by the infamous Harper Collins, who was pitched the infringed book, The Sneaky Chef, a year in advance but rejected author Lapine. But clearly they didn’t reject her book, now did they, Copyright Law out the window.

Editorial note: I previously wrote about Regan Books/Harper Collins regarding the Aisha v. Madonna lawsuit. In 2007 they unlawfully accessed a copy of my 2004 copyrighted book manuscript “Beauty.” They were pitched the book by serial plagiarist Madonna, who has been plagiarizing my work a lot, as she unlawfully gained access to my Copyrighted Catalog containing thousands of internationally protected items. My book manuscript “Beauty” has a Christian theme regarding beauty and they renamed it “Beauty Buyble” taking the title of my book and changing the spelling of the world “Bible” to reflect the Christian theme in my manuscript. They ripped off the contents as well.

They’d previously published Madonna’s “Sex” book via Judith “Rupert Murdoch handed me my butt” Regan. Therefore, Madonna has ties to Harper Collins and one of its deposed CEOs, Judith “Rupert Murdoch pimp slapped me” Regan. Madonna’s Sex book was also a rip off of a French book published several years before hers by a French author. So yea, Harper Collins are thieves. But back to the article…

The “Sneaky Thief” Jessica Seinfeld

Jessica’s husband, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, has gone on the offensive, defending his 5-finger discount wife and her publisher Harper Collins. Sadly, his wife and Harper Collins lack a lot in the integrity department.

Harper Collins isn’t known for virtue and integrity, that pretty much flew out the window with all the thefts and recently attempting to publish a book that savored every moment of a vicious, brutal double homicide, also known as the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (“If I Did It” by O.J. Simpson). And as mentioned above, stealing a Christian manuscript, by a black minority, for a book that was in the copyright office 4 years before they committed criminal copyright infringement. Yea, that looks really good on them (not).

As for Mrs. Seinfeld, Mother Teresa she is not:

a.) Right after her wedding and honeymoon to theatre mogul Eric Nederlander in 1998 she started dating Seinfeld, prompting her husband to divorce her. Seinfeld married her the very same year. Wow, right after the honeymoon – a paragon of virtue, that woman.

b.) In October of 2007 she ripped off a book that was copyrighted and pitched to numerous publishers, including her own, in May 2006, a whole year before her knock off hit the shelves. Under Copyright Law, access has been proven, as the infringed book “The Sneaky Chef” had been pitched to publisher, Harper Collins prior to the infringement thereof.

c.) Jessica Seinfeld’s agent is also the agent for disgraced plagiarist Kaavya Viswanathan. Do I detect a pattern here.

d.) Jessica Seinfeld was on Oprah pitching her knock off book and with Winfrey’s research department’s track record of late with James Frey (A Million Little Pieces), Dr. Jan Adams (Kanye West’s mother’s negligent surgeon) and a book she touted that was later revealed to have a white supremacist leaning, Seinfeld is in good literary and surgical company…not.

Note to the Oprah Winfrey Show: while I know you all read this site, as it’s come up in the site stats here, and I do think you mean well in a lot of things (with the exception of that “most homophobic nation” slur, among other things – what? you did a survey!), your research department is letting the show down.


In 2007 Jessica Seinfeld ripped off 15 uncommon puree styled recipes from Missy Chase Lapine’s 2006 copyrighted book “The Sneaky Chef.” This isn’t everyday common stuff. I took a look at the recipes and it’s not garden variety items. Take a look for yourself:

“The unusual combinations that appear in Lapine’s recipes — such as spinach in brownies, avocado in chocolate pudding, and sweet potato in grilled cheese sandwiches — also appear in Seinfeld’s book.” – Wikipedia and The New York Times

It’s not like some basic meatloaf recipe. These combos are uncommon, yet one year later, appears in Seinfeld’s book. They even ripped off Lapine’s book cover and changed it after they received complaints about the similarities – both chefs winking, posing with carrots (Harper Collins moved the carrots from behind Seinfeld’s back to on the counter of the book cover). Dead giveaway.

Who’s The Real “Wacko”

Jerry Seinfeld called “The Sneaky Chef” Lapine “wacko.” How macho of you slamming a woman on national TV that your wife ripped off. You better recognize. If it weren’t for her, your wife wouldn’t have a book, job or claim to fame other than sleeping with you while she was still married to another dude. You’re welcome.

Why can’t she fight her own battles like a real woman? What did she send you out for? It didn’t look good and got you slammed all over the internet by numerous bloggers and writers.

Side note: What is it with Hollywood types. They do something unethical and deceitful, then go into PR mode when they get outed on it, trying to discredit their accusers. They always opt for calling people crazy, wacko or kooks, when Hollywood the industry (not the city) is the land of so called crazies, wackos and kooks.

Jerry, once again, how manly of you calling a woman “wacko” in defending your adulterous, plagiarist wife. Actually, as a man, you should have kept your trap shut. I know you believe like many celebrities that because you are famous, people must automatically believe whatever comes out of your mouth, even when it isn’t the truth, but there are people in this world that can think for themselves. Apparently your wife is not one of them, hence the rip off book.

Jerry, have a read of the following quotes, especially the public feedback section below, and maybe tomorrow you can make some calls and book another show to slam the author and mother of two she ripped off, you know, like you did last week on Letterman. Then maybe you can make some more calls and buy your wife some good publicity and purchase some standard Hollywood libel against the author she has ripped off and defrauded, if it will make your adulteress wife feel better. Hope you got a prenup:

“Jessica, who started dating Jerry Seinfeld weeks after returning from her honeymoon with then-husband Eric Nederlander, may have borrowed graciously from the Kaavya Viswanathan playbook, allegedly having ripped off the recipes of a less famous, less hot author, Missy Chase Lapine.

“At one point, (The View) Barbara Walters inevitably brings up the small matter of the other cookbook on the same topic released several months earlier: Jessica writes off her competitor’s concerns as merely an effort to “look for cracks” in someone else’s success (sharing the same highly specific premise and 15 identical recipes, presumably, amounting to a sizable fissure).

“New York has consequently been revelling in the current misfortunes of Mrs Seinfeld. Jessica Seinfeld, née Sklar, has been accused of plagiarising another writer’s recipes in her new children’s cookbook.

She then sent Oprah Winfrey a thank-you of 21 expensive pairs of high-heeled shoes after appearing on her show to plug the book. She denies this. More generally, Mrs. S stands accused of being a ruthless gold-digger who dropped her hubby after meeting Jerry in the gym. The New York Times published a 2,000-word piece this week aiming to set the record straight on Jessica Seinfeld but, predictably, ended up making her sound more dreadful than ever.”

PUBLIC FEEDBACK (from Jossip):

No. 1 redbed says:

This appearance was just sad and cruel. He called that poor woman a “whacko” about 30 times within the span of 3 minutes on network television. It wasn’t fun or funny.
Posted: Oct 31, 2007 at 3:19 pm

No. 2 dee dee says:

I can’t believe he went on Letterman to trash this other woman and that Letterman allowed it. Sure, he’s worth a fortune but he’s still an idiot and yes, his wife probably did steal the other woman’s book, funny how the other book was rejected just prior to Jessica’s book getting published, just having access to Jerry and Oprah the publisher knew where to put their support. Posted: Oct 31, 2007 at 4:50 pm

No. 3 Trudy says:

Jerry certainly did slander this poor woman, Ms. Lapine. It’s obvious to me that Jessica Seinfeld has some explaining to do.

TWO books which are:

both cookbooks
shown to the same publisher
in the same year
with the same UNIQUE recipes
on the same UNIQUE cooking concept
by authors who live in the same city
with nearly IDENTICAL book covers
both pitched to OPRAH

Posted: Oct 31, 2007 at 5:26 pm

No. 4 annick says:

The whole thing was disgusting. Letterman should invite Lapine to his show, so that she can defend herself from despicable Jerry Seinfeld’s accusations. She has done nothing but write a book that was clearly plagiarized by Jessica Sklar Nederlander Seinfeld–who, as most of us in New York know, is famous for being a cheater. Posted: Nov 2, 2007 at 4:34 pm

No. 5 sol says:

Ah, Seinfeld defending his gold-digging whore. How touching. Posted: Nov 2, 2007 at 4:35 pm

No. 6 Billyboy says:

Havent we seen enough from the Seinfelds to last a lifetime now? This guy has lost it since going into hiding post Seinfeld show era. Went out and bought 28 Mercedes. The Imelda Marcos shoe gifting to Oprah really took the cake to show the Hollywood Elite are all connected and rubbing each others backs for further self indulgence.

Shame on him and her. That was a pitiful interview on Letterman and David too is part of that whole Elite Group. Posted: Nov 2, 2007 at 8:20 pm

No. 8 DP says:

Read the New York Times article yesterday, where Jessica tells the latest (and most ridiculous) version of how she met Jerry, supposedly after she dumped Nederlander, even though all the facts and the interviews at the time contradict her spin?

The woman is a pathological liar. Of course she’s a plagiarist. Posted: Nov 5, 2007 at 10:18 am

No. 9 Gayatri says:

I hope Lapine sues Jessica for plagiarism and Jerry for libel and defamation. Accusing her of being a whacko, angry, hysterical and a “would be assassin” and Letterman permitting this name-calling on his show!

His wife is a do-gooder? And three named folks being “would be assassin”? Well, what does that say about Jessica Nederlander Seinfeld?! Posted: Nov 6, 2007 at 2:13 am

No. 10 suzy says:

I always remember Letterman gasping during one of his monologues 9 years ago that “Jerry Seinfeld is dating a married woman!”

Jerry is just another “don’t-you-know-who-I-am,” overpaid, self-indulgent twit who thinks being rich gives him a license to do anything he wants. Here is slandering an honest author who was ripped off by his wife after he tried to cheat a realtor out of her commission and had to be ordered by a court to pay her and built a full-size baseball diamond on his Hamptons estate without the required permits. Clearly, he thinks rules don’t apply to him so it should have been no surprise that he wouldn’t hesitate to cheat with another man’s wife. Posted: Nov 6, 2007 at 9:29 am

No. 11 marie says:

Jerry is a megalomaniac who likes to date minors and married women. Jessica is a whore and a plagiarist. The Seinfeld children will probably be in rehab or in jail by the time they turn 18. Posted: Nov 6, 2007 at 5:51 pm

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