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Barry Bonds Is Going To Need Bond

November 19, 2007

Barry Bonds Indicted For Lying To The Feds

November 19. 2007

Baseball player Barry Bonds is going to need bond. Forget that…he is going to need James Bond to get out of these charges the FBI/DOJ dropped on him for lying to the Feds and a grand jury about his alleged steroids use. This year, Bonds became the homerun king, but his victory was steeped in speculation of steroid use.

Wow, this case is sad, but it brings to mind what I wrote in May of this year. It’s often lying to the Feds that will draw a worse sentence than the crime you are actually accused of committing. Bonds will need a good legal team regarding this one.

This case is just another example of the FBI’s blatant double standard. How are you going to charge a black man, Barry Bonds, with steroid use and then let a white woman, He-Man She-Man Madonna, go for using them. It’s racism (LOL).

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