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Lindsay Lohan Does Hard Time…84 Minutes

November 16, 2007

November 16. 2007

ex-con Lindsay Lohan

Due to overcrowding in L.A. county jails, Lindsay “The Black Kid Did It” Lohan was released early after serving 84 minutes of a one day jail sentence for cocaine possession (twice), drunk driving (twice) and damaging public property (once, but not before running over “the black kid’s” foot).

Even her waste of celluloid movies last longer than that. Regardless, Lindsay has been easing back into her old routine, which could spell a repeat visit if she is not careful.

It’s rare that one finds this kind of sophistication and grace:

Paris “The Felon” Hilton is another one slipping back into her old routine. A few months ago after she was released from jail (LOL), she told Larry King that she had changed, but just this week she was spotted out partying…on a stripper pole…looking wasted…surrounded by men.

And to think people pay models to walk down runways while an undiscovered STD socialite like Paris is hanging around:

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