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November 14, 2007

Kanye West’s Mom Passes Away Due To Terribly Negligent Doctor

November 13. 2007

Donda and Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West’s mom, Dr. Donda West, passed away last week from complications associated with negligent plastic surgery. It has since been revealed that she had a preexisting medical condition that made plastic surgery a risk.

To make matters worse, a breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedure performed on her that was supposed to take 4 hours, ended up taking 8 hours at the hands of a very negligent doctor, Jan Adams.

Kanye West

As more information became available it was revealed Dr. Adams has received several DUIs (driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol) and is not a board certified plastic surgeon. Additionally, he has several malpractice lawsuits against him, some of which carry judgment awards that he has yet to pay.

When someone has that many lawsuits against them for the exact same misconduct that says there is a problem there. He should have lost his medical license long ago.

Some politicians are against patients being able to sue their doctors, but in some cases it is warranted. Dr. Adams has a very telling history of serious malpractice, betraying a pattern of misconduct that is clearly rooted in carelessness and deviation from established medical standards. He has caused members of the public permanent injury – with this latest incident resulting in a fatality.

Dr. Jan Adams

He is now being investigated in Los Angeles and rightfully so. It is sad that it took something like this to bring the investigation about. It is being said that they wanted to suspend him from medicine last year after the multiple DUIs, but did not.

It is understandable that West’s mother went to this man for surgery. After all, he was on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2003 and is regularly featured on the Discovery Channel. One would think that one would not need to check up on someone with such a CV. Apparently you do. But Dr. West can’t be blamed. Who would have thought he was this bad in his chosen field and appearing on such programs dispensing medical advice.

In my humble opinion, he should face charges on criminal negligence. He should be indicted for practicing medicine so haphazardly. He has a history of causing extensive damage to his patients. Now he has cost one her life. His excuses cannot bring West’s mother back, in an incident that could have been avoided.

Every life counts. Not just because she has a famous son. She was a human being first and foremost, with rights, that Dr. Adams betrayed in not giving her the best medical care available.

After operating on a 58 year old woman with a preexisting medical condition, for far too many hours, he negligently sent her home, rather than to a recovery center where they could at least monitor her.

That has to be painful for her family and he should answer for that in a court of law. Had he not carried out his professional duties with such severe negligence and disregard for established medical protocols, none of this would have happened. He must be legally held accountable for that.

He has also damaged the profession of plastic surgery. Now people are going to be terrified of going under the knife. Yes, with all surgery there is a risk of complications, especially in older patients, but his poor conduct should not be deemed the standard.

There was nothing wrong with Dr. West’s appearance, but being in the industry she probably felt the pressure many have to look a certain way.

Dr. West lived 58 years and accomplished much in the field of education. My condolences to her family. At least she was a real Dr., pardon the pun…

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