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November 13, 2007

Using Hidden Cameras To Film People In Private Places Is A Felony Punishable By Prison Time

November 12. 2007

Kid Rock

Warner Bros. singer Kid Rock has accused a music venue of installing a hidden camera in his dressing room to secretly film him. His security man found said hidden camera that was hooked up to send the unlawful videotaping to the internet via a illegal feed.

They even admitted they placed the hidden camera there and claimed it was for security purposes. OK, a dressing room is where people dress and change their clothes, hence the word dressing.

Privacy is to be expected, otherwise you’d post a big sign that there is a camera in there. You knew it was wrong, hence it was hidden from performers. It was some nasty, perverted person wanting a peep show, which is illegal.

Kid Rock and his biracial son

If Kid Rock changed his clothes, held business meetings, talked to his lawyer or even had his girlfriend in his private dressing room, it was being illegally filmed by the hidden camera, breaking a whole bunch of laws.

This conduct is a serious felony punishable by fines and years of imprisonment. It is also a terrible human rights abuse that says something awful about the perpetrators. It is extremely perverted, nasty and sick. It’s as low as you can go in terms of serious human rights abuses.

You cannot film people in private places where privacy is to be expected, such as their homes, apartments, dorm rooms, school locker rooms, public bathrooms and dressing rooms, but sick cases like these are popping up. Read further in the article.

What kind of animal would do something like that. People who do such things belong behind bars. They have serious mental disorders and are a danger to the public.

I wrote about this in my UN complaint. Looks like it is a nasty, perverted form of misconduct occurring in the entertainment industry all around. It is sick and contemptible. You have to be one nasty degenerate to do something like that.

Right now, a vile Hollywood cult is actively violating people’s privacy in this manner. But, because the FBI, and then the Metropolitan Police followed said agency’s lead, engaging in criminal negligence, said cult felt they could commit invasive activity on a broader scale.

Said Hollywood cult has gone from from illegal wiretapping to hidden cameras in people’s homes. They commissioned break-ins to several British properties to snoop around, steal and place items that should not be there.

I have it on very good authority that said Hollywood cult led by a washed up pop star with a penchant for stealing music and films, has been targeting a famous London designer, among others, invading her privacy in this sick manner, unbeknownst to her.

I have no reason to lie about this and as my formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police on October 17, 2005 regarding News Group Newspapers and their writers unlawfully bugging people, panned out to be true 6 months later, culminating into arrests with the miscreants in question confessing, my credibility is intact.

The Metropolitan Police should not have followed the FBI’s negligent lead regarding said Hollywood cult, as it has led to greater human rights abuses that are now actively plaguing a few famous Britons, that they are sworn to protect. Said targets have assets that made them desirable to the sick Hollywood cult that is known for fleecing people.

When the truth comes out, the British people will be looking to you, not the FBI, for answers as to how it was allowed to happen, with said human rights abuses festering on their shores, culminating into such perverse misconduct on your watch.

What part does jurisdiction play in it anyway when the FBI seizes jurisdiction whenever and wherever they feel like it. Case in point, the David Copperfield rape investigation. Jurisdiction was in the Bahamas, as that is where the alleged crime occurred, but the FBI has seized the case.

KID ROCK is terrified he is being spied upon by stalkers – after discovering hidden cameras in his dressing room.
The rap/rocker claims on his website that his security man found a hidden camera in his backstage changing facility at Myth nightclub in Minneapolis, U.S. after playing a gig there. He tells website his man “discovered the device before the show and alerted the authorities, who are now investigating.” Rock’s head of security Little Bear confirmed recording equipment had been found and believes spies had wanted to broadcast him on the Internet.

In a note posted on his Web site late last week, Kid Rock gave props to the head of his security team, Little Bear, for “finding a hidden camera in the dressing room at the show at the Myth Nightclub” in Minneapolis on Thursday night. “Little Bear, who runs, discovered the device before the show and alerted the authorities, who are now investigating,” Rock wrote.

TMZ obtained photos of the alleged spycam from Little Bear that appears to indicate it was set up to broadcast on the Internet, but in a statement from the club released to the Star Tribune, the management explained, “The green-room camera in question is part of the venue’s security aspect, available for viewing by head of security only … Rock’s allegation that there was some kind of Internet broadcast in progress is simply not true and without foundation.” …


Former Motivational Speaker Re-Sentenced to 20 Years for Transporting Child Pornography

During the forensic review, authorities also discovered video files that Fortino made using a hidden video camera he placed in a small room on his personal boat. The videos depicted preteen and teenage girls between the ages of 11 and 16 changing clothes and unaware that they were exposing themselves to Fortino’s hidden camera in the process. Fortino refused to help identify these victims, but investigators were eventually able to identify three victims, “Jane Does,” who were approximately 11, 13, and 16 years old when Fortino secretly taped them.

Overton County schools sued over locker room filming

Parents say students’ rights violated

Overton County parents upset that their children were filmed undressing in school locker rooms have filed suit, charging that school officials allowed surveillance cameras to be installed and then failed to secure the images.

The lawsuit was filed last week in U.S. District Court in Nashville. The parents have asked for $4.2 million in damages.

They contend that the school system in Overton County, on the Upper Cumberland Plateau, violated students’ rights by putting hidden cameras in Livingston Middle School’s boys and girls locker rooms. The cameras reportedly captured students, ages 10-14, in various stages of undress.

A student from an Overton County elementary in Allons was visiting Livingston for an interscholastic basketball game in early January and noticed a ”suspicious device” in a locker room. The student told school officials, who reportedly downplayed any concerns.

The discovery triggered months of tough questions from parents, officials said.

”The parents have been devastated by the conduct of the school officials, by the videotaping and by the breach of trust,” said attorney Mark Chalos, who represents 16 girls and one boy from Allons Elementary. ”The parents entrusted school officials with their children and the school officials paid for, authorized and permitted the photographing of children getting undressed in a school locker room.”

”We think there were lots and lots of people photographed who may not know it yet,” Chalos said. ”It’s the parents’ position that no one … has the right to photograph their children getting undressed and no one has the right to make those images accessible over the Internet.”

Ohio man files $1.5M suit against Marriott: Hidden camera found in bathroom

by Randy Kenner, News-Sentinel staff writer.

An Ohio man filed a $1.5 million lawsuit Tuesday against the Knoxville Marriott hotel after finding a hidden camera in a bathroom light fixture in July.

Bryan Brewer discovered the small video camera after noticing a tiny black spot — which he thought was an insect but turned out to be a hole — in the fixture, according to the lawsuit. At the time Brewer, the vice president of a California company, was staying at the Marriott while on business. His attorney, K.O. Herston, filed the lawsuit in Knox County Circuit Court. Named as defendants are Marriott International Inc. and Columbia Sussex Corp., a Fort Mitchell, Ky., corporation that operated at least 28 Marriotts with more than 8,500 rooms.

“The allegations have been turned over to the proper authorities, who we are cooperating with fully,” said Doug Allen, the general manager of the downtown Marriott. Allen declined to comment any further, citing an ongoing investigation by the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. Brewer, contacted Tuesday, declined comment.

According to the lawsuit, Brewer, 27, discovered the camera on the morning of July 11. “Thinking it might be an insect, Mr. Brewer swatted at the black spot, thereby inadvertently breaking the plastic cover on the light fixture,” Herston wrote in the lawsuit. “He called the front desk, apologized and offered to pay for the fixture.”

But while he was waiting for someone to fix the damage, Brewer noticed wires and discovered a small video camera. A further look by security personnel confirmed that it was an elaborate, self-contained, video recording system.

“The video camera was connected to the bathroom light switch such that the camera would begin recording when the bathroom light was turned on and would stop recording when (it) was turned off,” the lawsuit states. Herston said that the equipment had a film of dust on it indicating that it had been there for some time. It also had a piece of tape on it indicating the room number, Room 253…

Marriott officials said they have inspected other rooms at the hotel but have refused to say what, if anything, was found, Herston said. “There are a lot of questions and we need some answers,” Herston said before adding, “How many other people were taped?”…

In addition to the $1.5 million in damages, Brewer also seeks the return of all copies of the videotaped recording of him. Brewer has not been back in Knoxville since the incident. “If he comes back, he certainly won’t stay at the Marriott,” Herston said.

An employee has been arrested after a hidden camera was discovered in the bathroom of a popular crepe restaurant in Vancouver.

A customer at Cafe Crepe, a restaurant that serves up traditional French pancakes to shoppers on Robson Street, discovered the camera on Aug. 21 and reported it to the shift manager on duty that night.

That 25-year-old manager, CTV British Columbia has learned, is now considered a suspect by police.

“Police were called, we showed up, spoke to a number of complainants and a suspect has been identified,” said Const. Howard Chow of the Vancouver police.

The suspect was arrested and taken out of the restaurant in front of shocked customers and staff.

“Landlord accused of setting up video cameras in college students’ apartment”

A college student called police after discovering a pinhole camera in the bathroom of the apartment she shared with three women, and now her landlord is charged with unlawful surveillance. David A. Church, 44, of Ithaca, faces four counts of unlawful video surveillance, a felony that can draw up to four years in prison.

Church owns several rental properties near Cornell University. Police said they searched two other apartments and found two pinhole cameras and several video recordings of at least four students. Friends told local reporters that the university relocated the victims, who were members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Doc admits using hidden camera to film teenage girls undergoing breast, pelvic exams

A doctor faces up to five years in federal prison after admitting that he secretly videotaped teenage girls while they were undergoing pelvic and breast exams at his office in Alturas, Calif., according to the Associated Press.

Owen Panner Jr., a 60-year-old physician who lost his license last year, pleaded guilty to a felony count of child pornography and faces up to five years in prison, the wire service says.

Prosecutors accused the doctor, who served a rural community, of filming the patients in 2001 with cameras that were hidden in his shirt and a ceiling vent. Three years later, hunters found the tapes hidden in a container buried in a field.

Panner’s father is a federal judge in Oregon.

Camera phone clicks could bring jail sentence

Congress: Illicit photos are a Federal offense

WASHINGTON – Camera phones may make great Christmas gifts, but people better not use them for peeping-Tom photos on federal property.

In one of its last moves of the year, Congress passed a bill that would levy heavy fines and prison time for anyone who sneaks photos or videos of people in various stages of undress, a problem lawmakers and activists called the new frontier of stalking.

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