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Prince Picketing His Fans Part III

November 11, 2007

Prince And His Fans Are At It Again

November 10. 2007

Prince: the Purple One don’t play that!

Prince and his fans are still squabbling, but now Prince has upped the ante. He released a free track called “PFUnk” for his fan sites, PFU, that banded together against his attempts at regulating his copyrighted photos, lyrics and music.

At first his fans in question got excited at the free track, but some of them were sharp and realized that the song wasn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Upon first inspection the song appears to be okay. But upon closer look, people were like, hey that’s a diss track. Some of his fans were not amused.

Prince: three, that’s how many times I dissed ya’ll in that song:

A sample of the lyrics:

“The only reason you say my name is to get your fifteen seconds of fame, nobody’s even sure what you do”

“I don’t care what people may say, I ain’t gonna let it ruin my day.”

“I love all y’all, don’t you ever mess with me no more,”

“a big fat punk”

 “Weemolicious, look here Weemolicious, you and your boyfriend, lemme tell you somethin’ right now, you run up on me again with words or otherwise, I’mma knock both you punks out.”

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