Prince Picketing His Fans Part II

November 10, 2007

Prince Picketing His Fans Part II

Prince Says Not True

November 9. 2007

In a follow up to my article on the site last night titled Prince Picketing His Fans the Purple One has denied those claims today in an official statement, contradicting what others have said. He claims said fans are not really fans. It’s not really for me to decide. Therefore, I shall publish both points of view.

Because here at Aisha Music, unlike Fox News, we I strive to be β€œfair and balanced” – follow my eyes *Aisha stares at Madonna, ahem, employee libeler Roger Friedman, who regularly defames people on her behalf, such as well, me (Sonustar CEO), Edgar Bronfman jr. (Warner Music CEO) and Lyor Cohen (Warner Music VP) to name a few, when her greed in financial matters is exposed*

Roger Friedman

Someone needs to legally scan your bank account, Mr. Friedman, to see if there is another Page Six-esque pay for print scandal. And with the Feds and others lurking about, your financial dealings over the last two years in this regard, going back to the summer of 2005, may not be as hidden as you think….

But for now, back to former self-professed Warner Bros slave Prince (that label seems to like doing that to black people):

Prince ‘not suing fans’

Singer hits back at fansite claims

Prince has released a statement refuting claims that he is suing a number of fansites.

It was reported that lawyers for the singer had ordered several fansites to remove any image that bears his likeness, prompting fans to form a group to fight the demands.

However, a statement released by the singer’s promoter AEG said: “Prince is not suing his fans, is not looking to penalise fans and nor is he looking to or inhibiting freedom of speech in any way. In fact, he is simply looking to provide Prince fans with exclusive music and images entirely free of charge, and bypassing unofficial and unauthorised phoney fan sites that exploit both consumers and artists.

“The action taken earlier this week was not to shut down fansites, or control comment in any way. The issue was simply to do with in regards to copyright and trademark of images and only images, and no lawsuits have been filed.

“The three sites in question have falsely positioned themselves as representatives of millions of Prince fans. In fact, many have come out in support of Prince at his official site and even on the message boards of the unofficial sites in question.

“Mediation between the parties is currently resolving the matter.” – NME

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