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SPIRITUAL The Benefits Of Looking Ahead

November 2, 2007

Some of you find yourselves in situations today where things are bad, bleak and seem devoid of hope. I have learned from personal experience that God is greater than anything one can face. When you’re in a tough situation, try to positively look ahead, getting pass it. Each decision undertaken in life will produce a positive or negative effect. It is up to you to chose which one. Through the struggles, you can face life with confidence that God is there and thoroughly willing to walk you through.

With God anything is possible. Nothing is too great for Him to do. With Someone like that in your corner, you are in good Hands.

You don’t worry about what others say. You keep your faith anchored in God and your focus on Him. He is your source. Keep praying and believing. As the popular phrase goes, “Prayer changes things” and it does. I know this for a fact. It is where faith meets fact and becomes reality.

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