When the Levees Broke

October 31, 2007

Title: When the Levees Broke

Year Of Release: 2006

Review Date: October 30, 2007

Rating: R

Running time: 256 minutes

Box Office Gross: N/A

Recommendation: Great documentary. Contains some profanity and graphic scenes of suffering.

“When the Levees Broke” is an excellent documentary chronicling the struggles of hurricane Katrina victims. It made my eyes well up with tears that they were basically left to fend for themselves under terrible conditions.

Spike Lee captured their stories in a very poignant way. He should have won an Oscar for this film. Instead, Gore took home the statute for telling us the weather is bad, whereas Lee told us something we needed to know, all is not equal and FEMA has become ineffectual. While FEMA is a good idea, it is clearly a broken one.

Imagine having to flee to your attic or roof top in the summer heat, to save your life, watching bodies float by on your street that is now a river, then surviving that only to find out the government has left you stranded. 

Natural disasters happen all over the world. They are a fact of life. However, it’s what you do afterwards that can cause even greater damage.

I didn’t see the film as anti-American. I saw it as anti-government failure. Inasmuch as many lost their homes, they lost something far more important, their belief that the government cared.

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