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Gays Don’t Want Obama To “Stand” With Donnie McClurkin

October 25, 2007

Leave McClurkin Alone

October 25. 2007

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has been attacked by a few gay rights groups for going on a three day tour with gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, known for the beautiful song “Stand.”

McClurkin was once gay. He said he became so after being molested as a youth, but then he became a Christian and left that lifestyle behind.

In an age where gays are touting tolerance, it is quite intolerant that the gay community would seek to ostracize and criticize a man for his non-violent beliefs, subjecting him to the same treatment they so often and openly complain about.

Mr. McClurkin is a great singer. Millions love his work. He has a large audience, black and white, who love him.

He doesn’t go around saying God hates gays (and God doesn’t hate gays, but He does not approve of the gay lifestyle, just like He doesn’t approve of adultery among heterosexuals either).

McClurkin is not some big hate figure. This is not the man for anyone to attack. No one owns a monopoly on any of the candidates. They are all human beings.

Christians account for 70% of this country. Any candidate that ignores that fact is foolish. You better recognize. The Christian vote will be important to the election.

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