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David Copperfield Raid Somewhat Clarified

October 25, 2007

October 25. 2007

The David Copperfield warehouse raid is starting to make a little more sense. This week the FBI announced, contrary to what was reported, they did not seize $2 million in Copperfield cash. I wondered about that last week when I wrote the story would make more sense “if this was Miami and you had cocaine dust on you.” What’s amazing is his lawyer didn’t clarify that immediately.

The raid has hurt Copperfield’s career. He canceled a lucrative foreign tour that would have made him millions, only to be sued for millions. He was contractually obligated, so they do have the legal right to do so.

I have to admit, when the FBI raids a warehouse and takes camera equipment, the first thing that pops into my mind is “pedophile.”

The FBI would do well to clarify themselves from the outset when they conduct investigations. This secrecy often hurts names, families and reputations.

For days people’s minds were running wild wondering what awful crime Copperfield committed. Now the public is being told it has to do with an alleged rape in the Bahamas.

Regardless, I shall reserve judgment until more comes out regarding this sketchy story. Justice is what’s most important. And justice in a timely manner, as the longer cases drag on, is the more damage that gets done to the innocent whoever that is in each case, and the greater the drain on taxpayer money.

There needs to be congressional reform in this area of law enforcement. FBI rules for disclosure need to change. The agency should be required to give out information as they learn it or face fines and jail time, for long, drawn out cases that compound the damage people sustain.

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