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Tragedy In Burma

October 24, 2007

Monks Murdered For Peacefully Standing Up For Change

October 24. 2007

A week ago the BBC ran a piece on the current crisis in Burma, where a rogue regime that illegally seized power has been slaughtering innocent monks that have been protesting the lack of rights in their country.

Innocent people are being killed for peacefully disagreeing with a non-elected cabinet and it has descended into disorder and chaos. When you see things like this you remember that there is evil in this world.

It doesn’t get much worse than this. When you start harassing, spying on, jailing and snatching peaceful religious people out of their homes and off the streets for sinister reasons, just know that you have gone too far.

You can’t say they are violent, gun-toting criminals. These are monks being attacked and killed. There was no provocation and thus, there is no justification for this.

The Burmese people don’t deserve this. I saw a photo of bodies of monks, covered in blood, floating in a river. That picture was so jarring.

I also saw a picture of a Japanese journalist mercilessly being shot in the chest for daring to film the human rights abuses. He later died.

Said regime needs to step down, as their conduct is in defiance of the will of their people and bringing death and disaster upon Burma.

It is not hidden. The whole world is watching and we do not believe it to be a lie. Anyone can log on to the Internet, use a global map service and see what’s going on there.

This type of barbarism should not exist in our world. These are modern times. Caveman philosophies on running government have no place in contemporary society.

Monks are a symbol of peace to most, yet they are being brutalized in cold blood, for peacefully marching in the streets of their homeland.

If one cannot stake claim to one’s homeland, then what can one stake claim to. The people of Burma want their freedom and they don’t deserve this in exchange.

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press

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