Bodybuilder Madonna’s Live Nation Deal Panned

October 24, 2007

The Numbers, Unlike Her Man Muscles, Don’t Crunch

When a woman (Madonna) pushing 50 who looks like she’s been working out in a Bolivian prison yard declares she won’t use her sex appeal as a marketing tool anymore, maybe it’s a tad less courageous than all that? I hear Abe Vigoda just announced he won’t be touting his buns of steel to peddle his line of Old Man Pants either.

Madonna’s Live Nation deal is being panned as a money loser. The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal slammed the deal, but of course, the crazy leotard wearing one will say they are just jealous, when the truth of the matter is the numbers just don’t crunch.

Pretty On The Outside even got the psychotic stunned blank stare right

A music publication wrote they’d have to sell 15 million copies of each of her Live Nation album releases to just break even. Looks like somebody bought the Brooklyn bridge. Madonna doesn’t even sell 3 million copies anymore (no matter what they tell you in her press releases).

Madonna is trying to pass the deal off as taking control of her career in an indie fashion, when in actuality it is trading one major label for another, as Live Nation is apart of an entertainment industry corporation that is bigger than Warner Music Group.

Madonna also inflates her record and touring sales. This coupled with the fact that there are massive deductions for expenses on her over hyped smoke and mirrors jaunts, spells a terrible business deal. Hope they keep their receipt. Furthermore, knowing her, and her disgraceful legal track record, it will end in massive litigation for financial fraud and copyright infringement.  

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