The Civil Rights Act……And How It Was Violated At My Expense Via What Is Actively Being Called “A Cabal”

October 20, 2007

October 20. 2007


Violations Of The Civil Rights Act
Theft Of My Copyrighted Catalog
Hollywood & Illegal Wiretapping
Theft Of My House By Marshall C. Watson esquire
Second Attempted Theft Of Another House I Lived In By Marshall C. Watson Esquire
Civil Rights Act Violations by Kerry Killinger Of Washington Mutual
Theft of $42,000 out of my house via lawyer Kenneth M. Meyer Who Threatened Me Regarding Madonna
“A Cabal”


The dictionary defines the word Slavery as, “Work done under harsh conditions for little or no pay.” That’s exactly what’s happened to me in the Aisha v. Madonna case.

I have worked for many years, under trying circumstances for no pay, as a direct result of constant copyright infringer Madonna, criminally stealing copyrighted items from this site and my private Copyrighted Catalog that she unlawfully accessed.

Over a twenty-five year period, engaging in my family’s trade of the arts (I come from two generations of writers), I authored a catalog of works that began as poetry and music I wrote when I was a child and grew to a Copyrighted Catalog containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

My aforementioned catalog is worth billions and Madonna and her associates in Hollywood found out about it and in criminal violation of domestic and international law, unlawfully accessed and helped themselves to it like animals raised by pigs. You really have to be trash to do something that deplorable.

After she illegally accessed my Copyrighted Catalog that’s been sitting in the Library of Congress for years, that nasty, untalented scum Madonna opened her book of contacts in Hollywood and criminally spread my copyrights, 25 years of my labor, all over the industry, cutting illegal deals with items in my Copyrighted Catalog that she doesn’t own, like she is in the mafia or something.

Now the works are spread out all over the industry to people she is inextricably linked to by business records, financial records and IRS records. It formed a distinct, incriminating trail that leads right back to her and they knew what they were buying is stolen.

Anthony Pellicano

Then, in attempts to shake my Copyrighted Catalog loose from me, they started harassing and threatening me, as was done to others by Madonna’s now incarcerated private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who is in jail on federal wiretapping, identity theft and witness intimidation charges.

They followed the Anthony Pellicano Hollywood handbook of harassment by targeting my finances, home, privacy and worst of all me, in criminal attempts at destroying me and illegally taking possession of my Copyrighted Catalog, which the trash had begun to spread around Hollywood, making dirty deals with it at Warner Bros (Edgar Bronfman jr) and her company Maverick, to name a few.

By the way, Madonna’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano was free when the harassment, intimidation, threats and burglaries to my home to steal copyrighted CD ROM discs began. He went to jail months after on an arms possession charge.

Then as Pellicano was about to be freed, he was rearrested the same day by the FBI in February of 2006, on the wiretapping charge, 5 months after I submitted a complaint to the FBI about he and Madonna and 4 months after I was told to go into the Miami FBI for two separate interviews.

Therefore, no one can say I read about it somewhere and tried to claim the same. I went to the FBI with detailed evidence 5 months before they finally picked him up for terrorizing innocent people for over 20 years via illegal wiretapping, threats, harassment, intimidation, computer intrusion and identity theft. The only reason he was allowed to run free for that long is because he, like Madonna, are cronies of the Clintons, with Pellicano having done work for Hillary in silencing Bill’s sexual accusers and Madonna often going to Bill’s office (TMZ even has photos of her most recent visit to Bill Clinton’s office in New York last week).

Brad Grey

To give you background on Anthony Pellicano and his Hollywood clients, certain executives like Brad Grey, have been sued for using him to wiretap, threaten and harass people like comedian Gary Shandling, in attempts to swindle them out of their money, assets and royalties. The FBI confirmed Shandling was illegally wiretapped by Pellicano on behalf of a rich executive in Hollywood.

Just because a star or executive has money, doesn’t mean they won’t resort to dirty or illegal tactics to get more, especially to fund their lavish lifestyles. It’s been proven they do. And like Rockefeller said when asked how much money is enough to satisfy some greedy rich people, he replied, “Just one more dollar.” Some money hungry people don’t know when to quit, until they go too far and lose it all.

By the way, that talentless trash Madonna also illegally passed a copy of my aforementioned vast Copyrighted Catalog to Brad Grey at Paramount, who kept visiting the site when they really shouldn’t have known a single thing about me. Just because I don’t say I know something, doesn’t mean I don’t know. You have a lot of explaining to do as to why you kept visiting this site, then my years old unreleased copyrighted filmworks started illegally popping up at Paramount as new projects, you scum:


Because I chose to start an independent company in Miami away from Hollywood, they went the Anthony Pellicano route and decided they wanted to destroy me to gain possession of my Copyrighted Catalog (they’ve done this to other small companies as well, who have also sued).

As Anthony Pellicano had done to numerous people on behalf of stars and executives in Hollywood looking to make unearned millions, they began targeting my home, finances and then me personally, via bribing people and calling around asking for favors against me from companies I dealt with, and in exchange they would invest money with them.

The first attempt came via destroying my biggest financial asset that I could easily liquidate to protect and or put into production my Copyrighted Catalog – my home – that had a lot of equity in it because of all the work I had done to it.

They began targeting my home and it was connected to the thefts of my Copyrighted Catalog worth billions. The mortgage for my home was held by Washington Mutual, who has significant business ties with entertainment industry individuals involved in the case.

Via a corrupt, dirty Washington Mutual lawyer, Marshall C. Watson, they illegally swindled my $450,000 valued home, forcing me to sell it quickly at a loss to me, but great financial gain to them, in acts of fraud, conspiracy and racketeering, in violation of the Civil Rights Act which states:

Civil Rights Act, Title 42, Chapter 21, #1982

1982. Property rights of citizens

All citizens of the United States shall have the same right, in every State and Territory, as is enjoyed by white citizens thereof to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property.

They fraudulently put it into foreclosure through trickery. They were about to auction it off, when I sold it out from under them quickly (under two weeks) to an investment company I found, at a $100,000 mark down due to the lack of time, with Marshall Watson further criminally stealing $110,000 in equity from my home.

Kerry Killinger (Washington Mutual CEO)

Visits to this web site by Washington Mutual Bank who fraudulently stole my $450,000 home. Why were they even on my web site. Look how many hits they racked up (1,439). Under the circumstances, it says a lot:

I gave Kerry Killinger of Washington Mutual Bank the opportunity to rectify it, providing him with evidence of the misconduct, but his office simply wrote back stating they want some time to look into it, then quickly tried to auction my house out from under me, but I beat them to the punch. They still stole a lot of the equity, though.

Hence the Washington Mutual Bank boycott I called for almost two months ago (their stock was downgraded two days ago). I gave him a chance to do the right thing and he refused and at the shareholder’s expense, in violation of the Civil Rights Act. He knows exactly what’s going on and has no excuse.

They’d previously let a hacker have access to my checking account with Washington Mutual, then later admitted in writing it wasn’t my fault (after they let said hacker destroy my checking account, making numerous unauthorized online withdrawals, accruing multiple overcharge fees, then they charged off the account, closing it).

But with my house, there was a lot of money to steal, so it was a different story. Regardless, they’d been targeting me in more ways than one, as was done in the Anthony Pellicano case to numerous people.


But attempting to steal my home and then so much of the equity wasn’t enough for them. Hoping that would have destroyed me and made me give up all rights to my Copyrighted Catalog, they upped the ante when it didn’t because I simply chose to move on with my life and work.

In April of 2006, after they swindled my home, I had to find a new place. There was one in the area, just a few streets away, that I saw in passing and called the number on the real estate sign. I met with the owner’s business partner, Gina, gave her a check and began leasing the home from famous South Florida television and radio personality Kelly Mitchell. She is a millionaire with several real estate investment properties in Miami.

Not even weeks after moving in, setting up a home office, and expressing an interest in buying the property, with figures actively being discussed, the attorney who had stolen my home, Marshall C. Watson, sent a process server to Kelly Mitchell’s house I was leasing to nastily serve me foreclosure papers on her home that I DIDN’T EVEN OWN.

My father in Jamaica, a radio personality and court Justice of the Peace, was stunned when he found out they were targeting me again and came to the conclusion that they are trying to run me out of America. Clearly in attempts to fully steal my Copyrighted Catalog.

The following is a copy of the front page of the fraudulent foreclosure lawsuit served to us, one to me and one to my mother. My mother is an elderly woman struggling with Guillain Barre Sydrome and because Marshall C. Watson was being paid to criminally harass me by Madonna, he did something so sick and repugnant, not just to me, but my mom as well. This one was served to my mom, Millicent, where he crassly wrote her name in blue ink on the front page (my mom’s last name has been removed for the site):


The process server started mocking me, making jokes about my hair and telling me I had to sign the document. I told him I don’t own the home, but he didn’t care. He maliciously served me anyway.

When I contacted Kelly Mitchell’s business partner Gina and told her what happened, she was perplexed and furious. So was Kelly, as her payments were up to date. But they were targeting me again, and now her as a result, for leasing and attempting to sell her house to me. They were doing to her what they’d done to me in stealing my home via a fraud.

Mitchell even gave me authentic bank documents to show that her payments were up to date, as she was embarrassed at what that dirty lawyer Marshall C. Watson had done.

She contacted her own lawyer and the bank, and after a fight, was told it was a clerical error and that the mortgage was actually being paid and current, just not credited due to some mysterious changeover, and once again, a clerical error.

He couldn’t go as far as he wanted to regarding Mitchell’s house, as she is on the air in South Florida. All she would have had to do was open her mouth on the air and he would have been in serious trouble. That was the next step. So, he backed off.

But I find it amazing that someone can attempt to steal two different expensive homes, targeting the same occupant (me), and it be a clerical error. That’s not a coincidence. That is deliberate and criminal malice. Marshall Watson belongs in prison. He has flagrantly and willfully violated the Civil Rights Act and numerous fraud statutes in helping certain individuals in Hollywood to harass me, namely Madonna.

Madonna, the animal that has been fighting me like a junkyard dog for my own Copyrighted Catalog she has absolutely no rights to.

Once again, it’s all over my Copyrighted Catalog worth billions that Madonna has been illegally using, in criminal violation of domestic and international law. These banks and Hollywood have big partnerships – they’re not above doing favors for them. For example, as revealed through Madonna’s Live Nation deal this week, Warner Bros is partners with Bank of America, to name a few.

People pay attention: this is what is done to citizens in America when someone with enough money to bribe people commissions acts of racketeering and harassment in attempts to destroy someone to steal their assets. It was done numerous times to different people on behalf of stars, by Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who is now in prison.

But that still wasn’t enough for them in my case.

When I moved to another home, a third property where I currently am, the foreclosure mess started up again. Also, $42,500 was held in escrow from the rush sale of my home, via two crooked lawyers, Kenneth M. Meyer and Richard Sarafan of Genovese, Joblove and Battista.

The money was held on April 24, 2006, to be disbursed to me on July 24, 2006 – but it never was. They know about the Madonna case, one viciously threatened me over it, and are attempting to keep the money, in criminal violation of the law.

Richard Sarafan, is violating Florida Homestead Law, opposing my former attorney, Ana Hernandez Yanks, who ordered him via letter, to get in compliance with the law of the land. Opting to choose fraud and theft, he willfully will not. Mr. Sarafan has been to this web site according to site stats and also knows about the Madonna case.

Kenneth M. Meyer of 6991 West Broward Boulevard, Suite 114, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33317, the main attorney holding the money illegally, with a source even telling me he spent some of it on luxury items, knows of the Madonna case and even threatened me in his office over it, stated out of nowhere the first time I met him at the real estate closing for selling my home, “I know about you. You like to make war with people.”

Keep in mind, this was at a real estate closing at his law office, the first time I had ever met the man after speaking to him several times over my phone (that a specialist confirmed is wiretapped, as in Madonna’s private investigator’s case) and he’s threatening me over the Madonna case. He went on and on in detail with his vicious, threatening rant, and said too much, giving the game away. He’s even been to this site (he came up in the web site stats). I told him “It wasn’t me, it was them that started it” (with the thefts of my copyrights).

But he wasn’t the first lawyer she had inappropriately threaten and viciously scream abuse at me. She got lawyer David Bercuson to threaten and hurl abuse at me in a devilish manner as well, when I was trying to find an attorney to take the copyright infringement case. He deliberately didn’t tell me he works with Warner Bros artists, asked for my legal case file, I faxed it to him, then he called me back viciously screaming and threatening me regarding what he, Madonna and Warner Bros would do to me.

This man viciously attacked me over the phone, hurling all sorts of threats and abuse down the line at the top of his lungs. He kept threatening me not to sue Madonna for stealing my copyrights.

He and Kenneth Meyer are such gentlemen – their mothers must be so proud (sarcasm). And some of you wonder why I write the things I do on here about Madonna. You don’t know the half of what that demonic beast has been doing.

She is a coward who hides behind people she pays to bully and threaten others, while she steals their assets. Madonna’s been publicly accused by several people in credible British newspapers and legal cases of bribing others. It’s a habit she has. That’s not called being powerful, that’s called corruption, commonly associated with trash.

But back to Kenneth M. Meyer. Now, he is refusing to give me my money that he is contractually obligated to disburse to me, in the same pattern of corruption that has been present throughout my human rights abuse case.

My elderly mother is struggling with Guillain Barre Syndrome as I wrote earlier. She needs that money to survive, and here is this animal, Kenneth M. Meyer, stealing it, after he has threatened me so vilely over the Madonna case. But I’m writing all this because I want the public to know and see, when you buy anything Madonna, this is what you’re supporting.

“A Cabal”

Once people in the international community viewed Kenneth M. Meyer’s conduct in the case, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and caused much offense, with many people referring to it and the combined thefts of my Copyrighted Catalog and home as “a cabal.”

This has gotten back to me many times through different sources and it hit me like a ton of bricks when I first heard it – not out of fear, but anger and offense, as I hadn’t done anything to anyone to be viciously targeted and attacked like this. I couldn’t believe people did stuff like this.

It has brought up a lot of old slavery wounds for black people in the domestic and international community who know the details of what has been transpiring.

In this day and age for individuals to violate the Civil Rights Act so flagrantly at the expense of a black person, and one who is an immigrant, it has a nasty connotation and stigma attached to it that I don’t think they fully grasp, as terrible things are being said about the misconduct in the case.

But once again, I’ve written about this to show you how far that piece of trash known as Madonna has gone. It is conduct Anthony Pellicano utilized many times in attacking people that stars paid him to target. Stars like Madonna, who’s been sued for property theft and invasion of privacy numerous times by different people.


FBI Director Robert Mueller

The FBI knows about Richard Sarafan and Kenneth M. Meyer’s conduct, and that of Marshall Watson, in conjunction with Madonna, and have been allowing it in violation of the law, causing us extensive damage.

It speaks volumes that the FBI is knowingly allowing criminals to steal money from a black family with an elderly woman struggling with infirmity. But it is just FBI Director Robert Mueller’s way, who is a racist and xenophobe (that was first notified of the case two years ago). Robert Mueller dislikes immigrants and has retaliated against Chinese and Muslim FBI employees, in cases that became public, much to his embarrassment.

He decided there is more money to be made in my case by allowing a black person to be criminally exploited and abused by white companies, rather than bringing justice. Robert Mueller and the FBI are not in compliance with the law of the land or international community treaties, in any aspect of this case. The Miami FBI hasn’t even given me my file under the Freedom of Information Act, opting not to respond at all to the two requests that were sent, in violation of federal law.

FBI director Robert Mueller’s attitude is my Copyrighted Catalog is just too valuable for me to have, even though I authored it and under domestic and international law it is mine, therefore if they have to launch a cover up to allow Madonna and certain parties in Hollywood to steal it, so be it.

The Miami FBI claimed three times they are investigating the case, yet refused to stop Madonna and her associates in Hollywood from plundering my Copyrighted Catalog month after month and my personal finances in acts of grand theft larceny, as listed above regarding Marshall C. Watson, Kenneth Meyer and Richard Sarafan.

They’ve also refused to remove the illegal wiretaps from my phone line that a specialist confirmed and numerous people witnessed – they must want it there for some reason.

But once again, like I wrote in my UN Human Rights Abuse complaint, the FBI hasn’t changed one bit since the days they targeted and tried to destroy Martin Luther King jr. Blacks lives are of no value to them whatsoever, neither are immigrants. Robert Mueller shows it time and time again.

Do you know how many cases went to the FBI after mine and have gone ahead of mine. Me and parities in the international community are keeping count.

Robert Mueller is helping Madonna and co., also known as aiding and abetting, in this serious misconduct that is endangering 6 million Jamaicans worldwide, in setting terrible precedents in the abuse and willful criminal exploitation of a black Jamaican immigrant family, with impunity, in a case currently in the FBI’s jurisdiction.

Because of this misconduct, my family is going to end up broken up after 30 years (more on that shortly).

Only in Hollywood could someone like me with a genius IQ score, a billion dollar valued Copyrighted Catalog and a (former) expensive house, end up criminally robbed and exploited, terrorized, harassed, assaulted and abused.

It speaks volumes about Hollywood, sending a nasty message to blacks domestically and internationally, and immigrants around the world that I don’t think they fully grasp.

It further says that Hollywood heinously destroys decent people with potential if there is a dollar to be made. Take a bow, pardon the pun.

It will be duly noted in my book and film about the case titled “Justice And Truth.”


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