Britney’s Monitor Heads For The Hills

October 20, 2007

Show Of Hands – Who Didn’t See This One Coming

October 20. 2007

After taking her court appointed monitor for a ride on the crazy train, said monitor called the judge, Commissioner Scott Gordon, and said she wanted out.

Not only did Britney take the woman on a horror ride, driving the wrong way down the road, with her kids in the back again, she kept missing appointments after the woman went all the way out to Malibu.

Britney lied to the judge and said via a rep that her cell phone wasn’t receiving proper transmission out in Malibu.

I was in Malibu last year and my cell phone worked just fine thank you very much – it said, “Searching for system.” Lip-syncers can be such liars.

Seriously, I don’t believe Britney.


In other news, Britney ran over a photographer’s foot. Homeboy allegedly got up like nothing happened, claiming it didn’t hurt.

What a liar. There is a picture of her running over your foot. You didn’t even have shoes on. You were wearing sandals. Someone runs over your foot and you didn’t cry like a little girl. Yea right. You were trying to be all manly for the cameras, but tell the truth, once you got home you cried like Justin Timberlake did on Punkd.

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