StarBucks, Ahem, BritneyBucks Lost Her Kids…Again

October 19, 2007

But She Hasn’t Lost Her Starbucks

October 18. 2007

If Britney showed the same kind of devotion to her kids that she does to Starbucks, she’d make a great parent. How embarrassing is that – losing your kids twice in less than a month. Witch keeps losing them like they’re car keys.

Somebody needs to cane her. She needs to go on vacation to a foreign country where they still believe in caning – give her 5 minutes and you know she’ll break the law – then cane the crazy out of her. Just kidding.

Seriously, they need to get her treatment, already, as she is still going around Los Angeles doing crazy stuff, testifying to her deteriorating mental state. She’s still dressing crazy, still flashing her vagina (public lewdness), still bumping cars, still driving the wrong way and still going from rage filled outbursts to happy smiley all in the space of a couple hours. Something isn’t right there.

Britney’s Been Booked

Britney was booked this week on hit and run charges and driving without a license. And of course, her dearest friends accompanied her to the station…the paparazzi. Sometimes I think she loves them more than her kids. Them and Starbucks, because that’s who she’s with all the time.

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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