TI to the Feds: “You Don’t Know Me”

October 17, 2007

TI to the Feds: “You Don’t Know Me”
Feds To TI: Um, Yes We Do Negro

Top Warner Bros Artist Arrested On Serious Gun Charges

October 17. 2007

TI And His Alter Ego Tip – Both Of Them Are Gonna Do The Time If The Feds Get Their Way

“I ain’t worried about the Feds investigation on me. I don’t care that they’re at my shows and they’re waiting on me”– TI’s You Don’t Know Me (2006)

…And I’m sure this lyric didn’t help either: “Rubber band man, wild as the Taliban, 9 in my right, 45 in my other hand “ – TI’s Rubber Band Man (2005)

“Say Hello To My Little Friend”: The Fed’s press conference regarding TI’s arrest displays his Scarface-esque cache of weaponry

And in the Negro No News this week, rapper TI was KO’d by the Feds on illegal gun possession charges. Um, remember that article I did back on June 21, 2007 titled, “TI Told No On House Purchase”…well, he did go ahead and buy another house…that the Feds raided a few days ago.

Busted the windows in and everything. Karate kicked the front door and found an arsenal of unlicensed weapons belonging to the rapper. It was a real Negro No moment.

It’s clear as day that the Feds were watching him for some time and now hope to give him some time. Just like they watched Tupac and we all know how that one ended.

TI is going with the newly spun defense that the guns belong to his bodyguards who live with him in his home, hence the presence of the heavy weaponry in his house. Hey, if you can sell them on that one more power to you (I’m just playing).

Me personally, I would go with the “Dick Cheney asked me to hold them for him” defense, so that means I have to get the Scooter Libby Special A/K/A an unmerited presidential pardon. But that’s just me.

They were waiting on TI to mess up and they found that ticket via his bodyguard, who had been allegedly buying weapons for the former felon turned rapper. For my international readers, there is a law in America that states a former felon cannot own weapons.

People are talking about a 10-13 year jail stretch for the charges he has been brought up on. Seems a bit severe. While it is the law and you have to respect it as such, to put someone in jail for that long on this type of offense, where no one was threatened, assaulted or killed, is heavy handed.

A Question For TI: why didn’t you leave that mentality behind. The mere fact that the guns were allegedly bought for you says maybe you knew you couldn’t own them legally. While I know you are a rapper and many rappers love guns, and you are also one whose life has been seriously threatened, I am sorry you didn’t get proper security and let them pack heat instead of you.

For years I have been writing on this site that when an artist or actor reaches a certain level they must leave certain people and influences behind. You have to keep your hands clean (famous or not).

This story is truly sad. To come from the adversity he did, get his life together and then fall prey to something like this is regrettable. What makes it worse is he has several kids that could lose him to jail for a long time.

TI’s girlfriend, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, of the R&B group Xscape, was arrested as well, charged with marijuana and Ecstasy possession. Considering sites are reporting she is pregnant again, please tell me she is not taking those things. That is not only harmful to your health, but that of an unborn child.

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