Britney’s Bad Break

October 14, 2007

Album Leaked Months Ago, Terrible Reviews, Oprah Offer Rejected

October 13. 2007


Wack By Wack Track By Track Review

You know what, I don’t have the patience or inclination to fully review this half-butt album. So let’s get straight to the main offenders on this little diamond doo doo in the rough.

First question, was she even conscious when they made the album, because really…

They called the album Blackout and it is clear upon listening to it that it’s exactly what she did, blackedout on that baby before it was even finished. Bad hangover, huh Brit.

It’s hard to sing when you’re drunk on the floor. Maybe that’s what you should have named it, Drunk On The Floor with the first single titled Gimme More. Hey, it even rhymes.

The lead single “Gimme More” sounds like a demon is singing the chorus. Really, who thought that was a good idea? I sure didn’t. Witch can’t even pronounce words correctly. There’s a line in the song that goes, “We’re up against the wall” and Britney sings it, “We’re up against the wuaoul.” What is a “wuaoul,” Britney?

The Hat Weave

R&B singer Ciara previously released a track called “Ooh Baby,” so Britney figured adding an extra Ooh, and calling hers “Ooh Ooh Baby” made it a totally new rip off song.

“Toy Soldier” is so unoriginal. Not only did Martika, another former child star, have a huge hit with it years ago, Eminem paid to sample it recently. Now Spears is apparently just stealing and reworking it, further proving that she is completely unoriginal.

“Heaven On Earth” sounds like pop singer Belinda Carlisle’s big 80’s hit “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” with the BPM slowed down a bit.

“Get Naked” is another unoriginal sounding concept. Tommy Lee had a hit with that very title and concept years ago.

“Hot As Ice” isn’t new either, as there is a book from 2002 with the exact same name. Thought you were clever ripping that title and pun off, huh.

While I know some song titles are common, many of them on Spears’ album are rip offs of distinct titles and concepts copyrighted and released years ago by notable artists.


One Of Britney’s Label’s Many Visits To This Web Site BEFORE They Stole My Work:

On the track “State Of Grace” why am I hearing the Bangles music meshed with my written lyrics from my unreleased Copyrighted Catalog, that Britney’s label, Jive Records, was sued over in 2005, in a matter that is headed for international court?

“Get Back” as mentioned on the site previously and in my UN complaint, is a total and complete rip off of items from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog. I guess you sorry lot believe slavery is still in effect.


AISHA: We’re you looking for me
BRITNEY: You’re the one who’s looking for me
AISHA: You wonder why
BRITNEY: I wonder why?
AISHA: You used to be so cool
BRITNEY: You used to be the one
AISHA: Let her be happy
BRITNEY: who asked me to let her be
AISHA: You’re the one
BRITNEY: so you’re the one
AISHA: Let’s get back together
BRITNEY: who want us to get back
AISHA: Forever we’ve got to make it together
BRITNEY: you say lets get back together lets get back forever
AISHA: How you follow me around town like a little puppy
BRITNEY: who’s following me around like a homeless dog
AISHA: You pray that things get better
BRITNEY: and you pray
AISHA: Let’s get back together
BRITNEY: let’s get back together
AISHA: You’re the one
BRITNEY: now you’re the one
AISHA: Chasing after him
BRITNEY: who’s chasing me
AISHA: You keep following me around town
BRITNEY: it’s like your following me everywhere
AISHA: I pray for you at night
BRITNEY: i used to pray for that to happen
AISHA: I don’t care
BRITNEY: But now I just don’t care
AISHA: and it is annoying
BRITNEY: it’s starting to annoy me
AISHA: You’re crazy
BRITNEY: I’m getting crazy
AISHA: You’ll be free but without me
BRITNEY: u were the one who asked me to be free
AISHA: Oh baby
BRITNEY: oh baby
AISHA: on my own
BRITNEY: I’m on my own now
AISHA: You ought to think about that
BRITNEY: you should have thought of that
AISHA: How can I believe the things you say
BRITNEY: cause now I just don’t care what you say
AISHA: Nobody cares what you think
BRITNEY: now I don’t care what u can be thinking
AISHA: You need to stay out of my life
BRITNEY: now your just so out of my way
AISHA: I’m better off for it
BRITNEY: That I’m better without you
AISHA: I don’t need you
BRITNEY: I found out I didn’t need u to survive
AISHA: When I realize I don’t need you
BRITNEY: I’ve also realized that u were the one who needs me
AISHA: Stop trying to call me
BRITNEY: who’ll call me


Britney’s album was leaked a couple months ago. A message board posted it, then blogs posted it, then it was posted all over YouTube and subsequently reposted on Perez Hilton’s site, where he ripped her to shreds over the sub par CD. Since Perez has the biggest name in the blog chain, Jive sued him a few days ago for copyright infringement.

Considering Jive criminally infringed unreleased items from my Copyrighted Catalog via Britney and Pharrell Williams, who both got a copy of said catalog from Kabbalah idiot and resident demon Madonna, also known as Satan, it was poetic justice that this happened.

You reap what you sow. It’s come full circle. You know what they’ve been doing is wrong and you bankrolled it anyway.

Now you’re stuck with a crazy pop star who can barely stand up for 5 minutes without doing something stupid, can’t conduct interviews without having a nervous breakdown, can’t do a show without messing it up profoundly, can’t put together a tour without falling to pieces and can’t keep it together long enough to do a full photo shoot, forcing you to recycle pics for new projects.

And now Madonna’s on to your next big star Justin Timberlake. Look for Justin to be aimlessly roaming around the streets of L.A. like he’s lost his mind and is looking for it all over town – you know, like Britney’s doing now.

It’s Britney, Ditch

Oprah: oh no she didn’t!

Sites are reporting that Britney ditched Oprah – what with her full day of circling Los Angeles like a dodo bird. Oprah Winfrey called Britney to do her show and the Britster hasn’t been returning her calls.

What do you really have to do. Starbucks will be there tomorrow. You can go talk to Oprah and treat the world to another breakdown. She did wonders for Tom Cruise (just teasing). Knowing Britney, her glued on brown boots would snag in the sofa and she’d fall over backwards.

You better go on that show. That’s a Tivo moment waiting to happen. Tom Cruise Part 2.

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