Madonna Called Too Old By Warner Bros

October 13, 2007

Madonna And Her Adam’s Apple Are Fighting With Her Label

October 12. 2007

The demonic beast known as Madonna has been engaging in her usual media manipulation again, via placing an article in Roger Friedman’s often incorrect gossip column on Fox News, slamming her label Warner Bros for not jumping at the chance to resign her. She isn’t even the current best selling artist on the label – Linkin Park is.

The chronic copyright infringer and all around pervert then went to Live Nation seeking an inflated $120 million dollar deal, most likely with works she doesn’t own that she’s stolen from lesser known artists, also known as fraud, money laundering and criminal copyright infringement (click here for a long list of the many artists she’s stolen from). Your career’s been a complete fraud.

She thought it would make Warner jealous, but apparently it didn’t. Those tactics don’t work on Guy Ritchie, who has been accused of cheating on her in London with a young, pretty blonde in her early 30’s, so why would it work on Warner. They don’t think she is worth the money and in a surprise move to some, issued a statement to that effect.

Note to Madonna: your Adam’s apple is showing

You’ve gotten them into more trouble than they can shake a stick at with this case. Not to mention, they’ve lost billions since the boycott I called for of said company for knowingly bankrolling your thefts of my copyrights that spawned such terrible human rights abuses that many people witnessed.

You can spin it anyway you’d like, but if someone calls for a public boycott of you and within that short space of time your stock drops from $27 per share to $10 per share, it’s not a coincidence.

You won the battle via corrupting the court system and illegally making millions off the back of a minority, but you lost the war via Warner being devalued and losing billions via a boycott. Guess you showed me (sarcasm with a smirk).

At age 50, your name has not endured and carried over to younger audiences, many of whom don’t even know who you are, as articles attest. You have not aged gracefully or improved over time, as genuine artists do. You have tried to remain 21 much to your embarrassment. Everyone ages, get over it.

A deal with you is not even worth $10 million, as your sales are largely falsified to rig the appearance of success. It is going to come out in court one day and you will never live it down.

Luring investors with false promises, falsified sales and goods you do not own that you are selling in barefaced, criminal violations of domestic and international intellectual property law, that will not produce the returns being guaranteed, constitutes numerous violations of SEC laws.

A Madonna exit won’t trouble WB
Studio issues statement regarding departure

The day after news leaked that Madonna was close to leaving Warner Bros. Records and hitting the road with concert promoter Live Nation, Warner Music was quick to issue a report from a Bank of America subsidiary explaining why the former material girl is no longer worth a nine-digit payday.

Knowing that Warner will still receive a Madonna disc next year, Banc of America Securities analysts wrote a report titled “For $120 Million, She’s All Yours.” Here are some of the highlights:

There is “headline risk associated with a Madonna defection. However, the bigger risk would be to overpay for an artist that does not seem to be generating the revenue to support the contract being discussed.”

Beside the fact that Madonna will turn 60 years old in the last year of the proposed deal, it is “fantastic” for her but does not “make economic sense” for WMG.

“Her loss will not meaningfully impact Warner’s near-term sales.” – Variety

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