Britney And The Judge Rumble

October 12, 2007

He Calls Her Idiotic Irresponsible

October 11. 2007

Not too bright Britney Spears fought with Commissioner Scott Gordon at a closed custody hearing today that she showed up 5 hours late to, showing her lack of dedication to her kids.

She was characterized as rude, condescending, argumentative and patronizing. The judge refused to grant her overnight visitation rights, labeling her an irresponsible person with substance abuse and emotional issues that are detrimental to her children.

It wasn’t until K-Fed relented and allowed her one overnight visit per week with the kids that the two sides finally wrapped up the hearing with the judge signing off on it.

The judge gave her a set of orders to follow, which was a test in itself, and she didn’t meet a single one of them. It wasn’t until her kids were taken that she decided to get off her butt and do something, pardon the pun.

As I wrote two days ago, here’s hoping those kids are well protected (from her). As I have also maintained for months, Britney is still in that sick Kabbalah group Madonna introduced her to, which is the source of her madness.

In the last two weeks, Britney was photographed a few times walking around with the cult’s books, boldly and blatantly advertising them in a staged manner.

Britney in 2003 wearing the Kabbalah red string:

I think this is a good thing. Here’s why. It’s the worst possible endorsement for Kabbalah. You all watched Britney go from a semi-normal teenager to a complete nutcase since she started being mentored in Kabbalah by Madonna in 2003 – a sect that most Jews hate. Madonna’s visit to Israel last month was not a welcome one according to the Jerusalem Post and other web sites.

A U.K. web site further stated a famous Chelsea football club manager Madonna was trying to indoctrinate with Kabbalah was warned to stay away from them because they are sick.

The beginning of Britney’s descent was captured in EW on November 31, 2003, three months after she joined Kabbalah and began sporting the red string:

What better deterrent for the public not to join the sick, abhorrent Kabbalah cult than watching a young pop star who had a big career, a famous wealthy boyfriend, huge fan base, big bank account and happy personality, disintegrate after becoming a member.

After joining the cult she became a rage filled, made up language babbling, child endangering zombie who is a prime candidate for a straight jacket. It’s not the same Britney anymore. Her eyes are so vacant and lifeless and her personality is gone.

It should also be noted, a member of the Kabbalah cult that became depressed and began breaking down like Britney is doing, committed a vicious double murder. Phiona Davis killed her grandmother and boyfriend by stabbing them over 70 times each then kept going like nothing happened.

It was a terrible byproduct of the cult’s doctrines, brainwashing, chanting, repetitive phrases in their books and invasion of privacy they use on members.

I’ve had members from that sick cult email me telling me how the cult can read their minds as they’ve invested in “mind reading technology” (Russian technology) and that they “bugged them.” Amazingly, Britney broke down in rehab and also said she was being bugged and people can read her mind (News Of The World article).

Kabbalah has done such a terrible mind job on these people. They’ve rendered them mentally ill. Psychologists all agree that the damage cults like these do is irreversible.

The head of the Kabbalah cult, the contemptible Philip Berg and his disgusting family, are sick, wicked, money grubbing people who should have been locked away years ago.

Instead they’ve been allowed to spread this scourge that is Kabbalah, which has destroyed so many lives. You have a lot to answer to God for and as the Bible says, “You’ll reap what you sow.”

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